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High angle asteroid impact blasting crust material all the way into space.
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We can only imagine what the dinosaurs saw of it from within 100 miles away some 66 million yrs ago, before being obliterated minutes later.

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65 million years ago, a meteor struck the chixculub peninsula...
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What it feels like when you hear that your crush started going steady with someone.
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That's a lot of damage!.XD XD 

... and of course, it will leave a big scar.B-) (Cool) 
There is trouble on the horizon! There is no horizon!
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Twilight of the Dinosaurs. 
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Or a nuclear detonation Tsar+ in scale ( minus the visible burn trail the comet/asteroid left in the atmosphere above )
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All of the nuclear warheads ever produced by humanity as a whole, detonated together in one place, wouldn't be able to rival an energy release of that scale, or even be compatible in scale to it.
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I was speaking from a visual standpoint
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That's gonna leave a mark.
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