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February 20, 2017
Haumea by JustV23
Featured by cosmicbound
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My interpretation of Haumea seen from one of it’s moons. It is known that Haumea has a dark red spot on it’s surface. I liked the theory of it being an impact crater.

Oh and Happy Holidays everyone! :D
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and how do i get the 4k image ?

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It looks a bit like a nipple ... but you can expect then to say that on a NASA website.  Interesting guess about the crater, though.  I wouldn't have guessed such an angular rock surface, which looks more like mass wastage, but after you've seen 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, it isn't safe to make safe bets.
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A lot of craters look like nipples.
This is Darin Ragozzine, an expert on Haumea. This is an extremely good piece of art. I'll probably be using it for my scientific presentations on Haumea, thanks to your generous sharing with the CC license!
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1rst prize to Haumea for being the wierdest celestial body
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Fun news! It looks like Haumea has a ring! =P…
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Fascinating image. And until now i did not even know this planetoid exists!
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That's just awesome.
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truely magnificent ^_^
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It's a gorgeous piece, and I always love seeing dwarf planets get some love, but the irregularity has me a bit confused, given that, despite its ellipsoidal shape, it's in hydrostatic equilibrium. Is that just supposed to be really heavy cratering? 

Still, I love this. It's like something from the space books I would read as a kid.
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Just beautiful... I'm always amazed that people can do art like this.
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Such a mesmerizing and impactful landscape!
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The scenery is beautiful. Keep it up
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