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Grand Eclipse

By JustV23
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Last night i couldn't fall asleep and i somehow imagined this landscape...
A habitable moon of a gas giant enters the shadow of its parent planet. And so a few hours long night of eclipse begins...

Actually, I personally like how this picture turned out... Hmmmm maybe i should skip sleep more often.......Hmmmmmmm.......... Nah i love sleeping :D
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This looks amazing, very well done!

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Wow! That's a total win! I'd buy that if you had a print place opened at deviantART!
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This is incredible
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Beautiful!  Sometime when we can't fall asleep our minds wonder with imagination and we come out with a MASTERPIECE :)
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Well, I love sleeping too, so go on and relax a little more!
Also, I love the shapes of the rocks. I wonder what caused their shape.
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To think, some other life form out there could be looking at something like this every night. Lucky jerks, we have to live in a boring part of space.
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Well hey, we still live on a beautiful planet!
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Very true. Still plenty to see everywhere.
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I used this image in one of my recent videos, and I just had to tell you that it's absolutely gorgeous. Probably the more awe-inspiring imagery I've ever seen. You have this strange ability to capture immense scale within your works - I really get this sense of awe when looking at your art. The big seems small in the scope you employ.

I truly enjoy your work!
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this is awesome!
will you enable full resolution? I'd make a great desktop wallpaper!
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Really amazing. I would like this pic as wallpaper! Fantastic work, my compliments! :)  
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you make such amazingly beautiful artwork. <3 what a view! you pulled this off perfectly angles lighting and all. also cool plants!
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Still drawn back to this one. Just absolutely mind shatteringly astounding. Thank you again for sharing with the rest of us. This picture is once again a huge bright point in my day! :-)
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