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Distant eclipse

Ringed gas giant slowly eclipsing one of the twin stars...
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The gas-giant is clearly spining incredibly fast.

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Amazing! Firstly I thought that highlighted gas giant's atmosphere is a lens flare :)

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Nice work.
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 beautiful work this is the kind of out of the world stuff that I love looking for
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At this point I'm convinced you're an alien and you saw this yourself and that's why most of (if not all) your works are so detailled. So yeah you're a great alien! Amazing and beautiful once again.
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I've often wondered if eclipses would be more common on the moon of some gas giant, due to the sheer size of the planet and it's dominance in the sky.
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If only this could happen on earth...
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Can you imagine? someone somewhere far away might just be staring at one of those right now. Your work is inspiring! La la la la 
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Vastness of the universe holds endless possibilities. Thank you :)
Absolutely awesome, reminds me of Beksinski and Neverending Story!
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Your work is profoundly beautiful in the deepest sense. I can imagine either plummeting into terror here or standing with bewilderment and awe at the universe.
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Geri flare's. čia pats juos darei ar kokius template'inius naudojai?
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Teko paciam nutepliot, nes patingejau ieskoti flare efektu :)
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amazing canyons! i wonder what carved them millions of years ago!
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Great concept and execution. I love the use of perspective and uniformity among the rock formations, and the planet, moon, and stars create a really classic science fiction vibe - the wonder of witnessing something foreign to life on Earth, but totally believable elsewhere in the galaxy. Great work!
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Awesome, this planet reminds me of the movie Pitch Black- let's just hope there aren't any vicious nocturnal aliens waiting to eat us as soon as the eclipse gets going. XD Nice work man!
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Kokia grazi ta melyna :)
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Judging by the fact that the gas giant is more oval than spherical, it must be rotating really fast! "You spin me round, baby, right round, like a reco*BLAM*
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That looks so awesome! Really good work :)
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