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Daphnis is a tiny moonlet in between Saturn's rings.
It's week gravity is enough to affect particles in the rings creating waves in the rings.
Daphnis probably looks nothing like this. It is most likely featureless spheroid covered with a thick layer of dust and ice particles from rings.
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I was just today reminiscing over all the great photographs we've gotten from cassini these last years, and some of the most impressive for me have been ones of the tiny moons within the rings. The waves they make are infinitely fascinating
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never say a moon or planet is probably "featureless", the repeated mistake of the voyager mission planners who weren't even going to photograph the moons of jupiter (so we wouldn't even know Io has volcanos, Europa has ice sheets, ect.), all the way up to being surprised there is so much terrain, mountains, and glaciers on Pluto and its moons.
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Mmm...  You should probably be an illustrator for a science book..  Or better yet - an art consultant for Sci-Fi movie industry.  You have excellent execution of a number of rather complex concepts - things that most people have no idea about.
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It'd be awesome to see some of his artwork in a book
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Very intriguing illustration. There's been a million scenes of Saturn's rings by now but somehow you managed to make this a first. I think like what had already been mentioned by DVhuizen - the fact you avoided the visible rocks look and opted for something more "dusty" is a breath of fresh air (and this is coming from someone who just did a "floating rocks" ring scene less than a month ago, guess they just look too cool :XD:) but here it's like we're a bit further away, able to recognize the eerie effects the gravity wake has on the rings :)
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Another impressive work! thanks. :)
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From what I can tell you're not far off. The actual pictures are not clear enough to tell what kind of surface it has, but its shape sure is similar to what you depicted. Aside from that this might just be the most accurate depiction of Saturn's rings I've seen yet. I'm glad you decided not to indulge in the 'floating rocks' cliche, because this picture looks so much better without them. 
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Ooh this is new!  Interesting to see one of the smaller moons, but obviously you show us the unique view this moonlet has of Saturn and its rings.  This was quite a worthwhile artistic experiment. :)
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Them shepard moons though. Theyre what make Saturn's rings beautiful.
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it's gorgeous ! The waves are amazing.
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