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September 12, 2021
Cliffside ruins by JustV23
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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Cliffside ruins


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Another anime background I just finished.
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Amazing! Loved this 😍

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Imposing and stately! :faint:

if this is iever adopted in a game, i would love it

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Upon seeing this I was whelmed not just in scale & scope of these ruins but how "familiar" it feels. The structures are perfect balance of aesthetically pleasing to all senses while still having practical foundation; a unique mixture of Pantheon-like shrine and institution-like feel of socio-political function, this echoes our world's Neo-Classical forms and styles yet still Alien at the same time.

Despite the familiar contours and shapes of columns, friezes, arches & structures the fact that there is NO significant iconography or idols on them makes this all the more mysterious and even frightening, something way beyond our reach and level. The more rudimentary carved settlement at the Rightmost edges (which definitely seems more present era while the main ruins feel more ancient for some reason) only further emphasize this "feel", and by immersing oneself into this artwork's setting will get not just awe but a sense of disorientation, even loneliness with the ruins giving NO answer to any of your questions.

Still it's a powerful concept realized believably and given the chance, I'd definitely want to travel there for a moment to bask in the ominous power these ruins have, frightening notwithstanding. Maybe somewhere out there in a distant planet or alternate dimension... Seriously.

Is this an actual background that you drew for an anime production? If so, which one?

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I am not allowed to post the backgrounds that I draw for anime productions. So this one is my private illustration I did for practice.

The sheer size of this is stunning, you worked really hard passing on the colossality of these remains, very spectacular.... 8 Best Essential oils for younger Looking skin

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while this is nice, the perspective of the building does not match the rest of the scenery at all

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Looks amazing! Love the coloring!

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This looks absolutely magnificent.

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Absolutely stunning!

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Well, that's making some use of a mountain side.

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oh my god this ks wonderful

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If Etienne Louis Boullee' was doing art online today...

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Such great ammount of details and colours, it could make most people jealkous ;).

Keep up the amazing work!

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Beautiful architecture! 😀

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Congrats on your much Deserved, DD!!! :clap: Nice work!!!

For My Personal Use Only
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Congratulations on getting featured 😊

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