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Canyon of the icy moon

Saturn seen from Dione - one of it's icy moons...
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Incredible Dune Aesthetic. I love this piece immensely!

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This so badly wants to be a Chesley Bonestell painting... I love that on Dione, or another nearby moon, this scene is happening, or something really close to it. Happening right now.

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 I really love your space art.! :heart:
And I actually adore space art in general ( it is breathtaking)!

Just wondering :Do you may be have any tips about drawing space art -digitally and/or traditionally? I'm kind of lost in all the tutorials I have found and would be happy if you could offer some tips.^_^ Thanks in advance.:) I appologize for asking about tips but I really find the way you paint amazing ! :la:
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Thank you!

Well it's kind of hard for me to give advices, because my painting process is very chaotic.
I just jumping from one part of painting to other, adding details, or cleaning it till i feel satisfied with the result.

What's most important for me is understanding the environment i try to paint. 
For example, since i always stare at sky i became pretty familiar with clouds, light and shadow effects, etc.
So to paint sky is very easy to me, because i just know how it works and how things should look like in certain situations.
As for painting other worlds whether they are in our solar system or far away worlds.
Photos from space probes such as Cassini spacecraft or any mars rover can help you to imagine new worlds.
Just find some pictures of moons and planets on the net and try to imagine how everything should look if you actually be there.

I know it's not much of advice i just wrote, sorry for that :)
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Thank you very much! It is indeed very helpful! Thank you!:la::glomp:
  I am always staring at the skies too  and have many ideas but sadly I have hard time to translate it to the paper or the digital file in technical terms. I mean I see pictures in my head but when I start drawing it it is very hard for me .*lol* I have that perspective problem that I have no idea how to fix.

Also your pictures have so much depth. It is really beautiful and I really like the way you make the rocks too.:aww:

Also Thank you very much again for taking time to give me tips how to paint. It means a lot to me! :glomp: :D I am always curious to know how other people paint/draw. It is amazing! And is also helpful in understanding how to  paint myself. Thank you! :aww:
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Oh! We all deal with that problem. Images always looks better inside our head then paper version of it :)
Just try to recreate them as best as possible...
I also have allot of trouble painting rocks. I always struggle while painting them, it takes allot of time.
Most of the time so called "happy accidents" helps me to determine shapes of rocks...

Well for training i would recommend copying from pictures. Just take some pictures of sky, clouds, etc.
And try to paint those pictures as accurate as possible.
After some time you will start remembering how to paint those objects.
For example, find some pictures of mars landscapes, taken by the mars rowers and try to paint them as accurate as possible :)…

And thank you for your kind words :)
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Great scale of terrain of the moon to the Astronauts
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Great! Last month i was translating SF novel and took spirit for description of moons in your works. Thank you!
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Very nice, I especially like how you did saturn.

I think the piece could benefit from the space men being larger, I know you're going for scale, but theres something about the general texture, makes the piece feel like the rocks are really much smaller than that.
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Wow!!! Finally an image rendering of my space travel fantasies!
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I'm amazed especially by the detail level. Great!
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You got that right!
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Woaaaah, this is freakin outstanding :la:
Yet another awesome work, great job :clap:
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You're welcome
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