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Brown dwarf

By JustV23
My second attempt at portraying brown dwarf.
I just love these enigmatic bodies. They blur the line between stars and planets. Too massive to be a planet, yet too small to become a star.
Brown dwarfs emits very little visible light and heat. But in more extreme cases they can glow deep red.
This view represents a moon of a brown dwarf being lit up by the sun-like star, which is second component of this star-brown dwarf system.
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Magnificent work. Reminds me of Vormir from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, just a little brighter.
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this.....................this is good shit mate. nice job. 
ClaytoneCarpe's avatar
Très réussi ! ^^
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Idk why I didn't leave a comment when I first encountered this pic... This is one of my fav space pieces out there. The light and shadows on the terrain, the atmosphere and clouds in the distance, and everything about that brown dwarf <3 Very impressive!!
chuck26's avatar
Amazing work 
ceyw888's avatar
I look at this picture and I want to by a telescope:)
PortentosaMan's avatar
Very impressive artwork as always! This looks pretty otherworldly :)
Blake290383's avatar
10/10. Looks like a Pink Floyd album cover.
Tomolan's avatar
1zmim's avatar
You did the cover art of "Cosmic Wings" music band album? Cool!!!…
jumpugly's avatar
Chesley Bonestell would be proud!  Great work!!!
Aquemenes1983's avatar
Nice concept and really good technique. Though, I'm not sure the reddish brands of light on it's "night side" would be visible from another planet with an earth-like atmosphere. I think the dominant light in this particular scene is too bright to allow such view of it's nigh side as most of the light from the brown dwarf would be in the infra-red spectrum. Though I don't know. It's pure speculation.

As I said, nice concept and amazing job. :)
Kyrbis79's avatar
It's super realistic, i love your work!
DaGoldenTurtle's avatar
Wow. This is awesome.
designvalley's avatar
This is amazing!
I-Do-Care's avatar
Nice auroras! :+fav:
LeapsAndTumbles's avatar
Oh wow it's so beautiful!  Love Clap Great Job! 
beautiful landscape!!
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