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Hello. So this is going to be my last journal on this account. I'll make it count.
I first joined this site back in early 2013, but I abandoned my account during the first few days of setting it up. But then, almost a year later, I made this one. I started my activity on this account when I was ten years old. I was immature, rude, butthurt and wouldn't leave old drama that didn't involve me in the past. Needless to say, I was a bit of a hellish child.
I started maturing in 2015, and that was when I was eleven to twelve years old. My art was improving, I was making more friends, and I started improving as a person. I had gotten into a few fights, one of them making me suicidal. I caused it, but regardless people still supported me. You made me feel special, strong, worthy of a human life. You saved my life. Be proud of that.
During that year, I made and lost friends. I made horrible mistakes, but you still forgave me. You stuck by my side all the way. You guided me. You taught me how to be a better person.
Towards the end of 2015 and the start of 2016, I started becoming a better person and artist. More people started paying attention to my art, started protecting me, befriended me.
During the first few months of 2016, I started questioning my gender identity. I started realising that my gender dysphoria wasn't just a phase. It was an opportunity to learn more about myself. I then started doing a bit of research, then a while later I came out as transgender. Surprisingly I only lost one or two friends that didn't fully accept that I was agender. The reason why it surprised me, and still does, is because from what I've seen online, despite different genders being more widely accepted there are still many people out there who think it's "wrong", "evil", a "mental disorder", and other nasty things that I won't go into. People still stuck by my side, took notice that I wasn't a cisgender female. Although some people still misgendered me out of either spite, unawareness or disbelief, it made me feel really good to see my friends referring to me with the right name and pronouns.
As this year passed on, I started gaining better control of myself. I learned new things, became more tolerant, stopped targeting people, only ranted when it was necessary and started coming out of my shell. I was proud of becoming a better person, and to this day I'm still happy to know that step by step, I'm getting better. And for all this support through good and bad times, I'd like to thank you. No matter how long you've known me, you are special to me and I hope you know that. You are special. You matter. You are great. I hope you know that.
As well as that, I'd like to thank you all for the birthday wishes, and even art gifts that a few of you have given me. But no matter what form of birthday wish you've given me, I'd love to say thank you. I honestly think that my thirteenth birthday has been by far my best one. That's all thanks to you. All of you. Thank you so much for putting up with me, regardless of how long you have. I can't express fully how grateful I am for all of your support. All of you are extremely special to me and I love all of you. Thank you.
Later, I will make my new account. If you want me to note you it, please comment on this journal and I'll make sure to. Make sure you don't forget to, y'all are too special to me to lose contact with.
The reasons why I want to move accounts is because I want a fresh start. I hate being reminded of bad things I did before, back when it was 2014-2015. I want to move on from those times. I want to prove to people that I can be a great person if I try my hardest, and I will with that new account. Another reason is because my collections and gallery folders are a mess. My gallery is a mess and my favourites are so unorganised, and it's so bad that it would take for absolutely ever to sort out. Another reason is because I have hundreds of inactive watchers. I don't want inactive watchers, especially since I have 800+ watchers but less than a hundred of them are active. Speaking of watchers and stuff like that, I have so many people in my watch, and they're either inactive or I've list interest in their art. The final reason why I want to move accounts is because, as obsessive-compulsive as it sounds, I want my proper age to be displayed on my profile. I want my birthday to be accurate and I want to show that this is my fresh start as someone who is old enough to be on here.
Thank you for reading this extremely long journal. I can't describe how appreciative I am of people caring this much. Thank you. :')
Have an excellent day/night, and stay awesome!


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