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Burn Away - Page 47

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fellas!! the team has officially left geosenge! and we will surely never have to return or spend any amount of time there again (:

artist notes:
-  had a tonnn of fun painting the landscapes of route 11! and the large stone "doorway" we see in the first half is directly inspired by a similar structure in game at the edge of the geosenge screen :>
- kazz, mirelle, and cousteau are all sticking to the team! yes, there are technically 7 teammates when the league very much caps teams at 6 members, but at the moment that isnt an issue because no one is officially registered to edie's team besides abella and sasha. (registration has to be done at a gym) so dont worry about it (:

and i just wanted to say thank you all for sticking with me for (checks calendar) god, 8 months of being stuck in one location?? hough i really cant express enough how much i appreciate yalls comments and readership, especially this year!!! T___T
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I might need a recap of how everyone in our team assembled...

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*checks page 26 again*

Okay, so the Scraggy was Enzo, not Marley. Rats.

*checks the beginning*

Darn it! The Azurill was Elaine!

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PcaaraStudent Digital Artist
K-KAZZ??? You got something you wanna share with the clazz??
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oh i'm really enjoying this so keep up the great work as always =3

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Honestly, the closer and closer they get to...that cave, the worse feelings I get.

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JSHADOWMHobbyist General Artist

Ah, Mirelle the demure C U R B S T O M P E R


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Digital-NightmarreStudent Digital Artist

im only on deviantart for burn away now and god its worth it it

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riverplathHobbyist Digital Artist

snooze, you could pull a breakfast club and have all the characters stay in one room & have them all just talk to each other and yknow what? your art and your writing, plus these delightful characters, i don't think anybody would mind

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IllegalSympathyHobbyist General Artist

Just a credit to your story and writing that we didn't even <i>care</i> that we were in the same place for 8 months, we were too absorbed in the story!

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JCFoxingtonHobbyist Digital Artist
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XSnowshadowXHobbyist Digital Artist

Wow, that's really sus

Also, those Starly in the first couple panels are really aesthetically pleasing!

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RyuaHobbyist General Artist

Y'know... a possible murderous gang you've run into multiple times seems like the sort of thing you should really tell all your teammates about.

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theNessiArtistStudent Digital Artist

Yay! The team is forming :3

Forgive me but i don´t think I ever catched Mirelles species? can someone tell me please?

But also the blush of our two precious boys was just adorable <3

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Mirelle is a Staravia I believe.

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theNessiArtistStudent Digital Artist

I see thank you^^

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bryarcatHobbyist General Artist

kazz i love u dont be suspicious!!!!!!!!!!

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stardragonartsHobbyist Digital Artist
Edie's face in that panel where Mirelle's ability kicks in is hilarious skfjksjdjf,, also,, OG trio time,, they are,, such cute and wholesome kiddos,, so good,, *gently holds them*
GECKO-Nuzlockes's avatar
GECKO-NuzlockesHobbyist Digital Artist

Of course you're sweating, Kazz, look at that enormous coat you're wearing lol

The OG trio is so freaking wholesome and I would protect them with my life

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DeeForty-FiveProfessional Writer

hmmmmm! now that ending is extremely sus

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Silver-OPsStudent Traditional Artist


u looking kinda sus

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Animaltamer7Hobbyist General Artist

The bois are so cute here, I love them!

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TalaSebaProfessional Digital Artist

Blushing bois... I love them.

Ahhh all the backgrounds look amazing! I can tell you had fun with them lol

And I love all the expressions! So spot on~

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CozyKomalaHobbyist Digital Artist

What species is Mirelle? And it’s ok, I love this area in game.

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justsnoozeProfessional Digital Artist
mirelle is a staravia! she was technically my catch for route 11! :>
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