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Burn Away - Page 34
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Published: March 4, 2019
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i realize i forgot to make an official announcement over here, but my hiatus is over! this was originally going to be much longer, but it extended beyond csp's canvas size limit so i... took that as a sign to cut it up into multiple parts. o(-< hope yall enjoy the first new page of 2019!

Artist notes:
- Like weapons, healing items like potions and such are totally allowed in battle - they just aren't commonly seen because using them usually leaves you wide open for attacks and it can be tricky to use them effectively.
- i should've mentioned this last page, but the hammer attacks are my way of interpreting Stomp attacks. :>

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Comments (21)
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Lady-Kyndle|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad to see you're back!

I'm really hoping Abella's got a strategy here, because... whew. 
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GammaEmerald's avatar
This flashback is really cool and I can't wait to see what happens next!
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jadethestone's avatar
jadethestone|Hobbyist General Artist
I get so excited whenever I see your pages come up in my notifications! They're so beautiful! I love how you are intercutting this battle with flashbacks with Ulric.
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GECKO-Nuzlockes's avatar
GECKO-Nuzlockes|Hobbyist General Artist
Let the stalling commence!
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LegendWeaver25's avatar
LegendWeaver25|Hobbyist General Artist
Now that is a fabulous way to visualize Bite!
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Magdaleria's avatar
Magdaleria|Student Digital Artist
The page is so vibrant and dynamic! Your style is so colorful :heart: I am also so nervous about Abella, please do not die ;;
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DeviousLuxray-GRAnon's avatar
DeviousLuxray-GRAnon|Hobbyist General Artist
Very Much an enjoyable update and the style and special effects have come so very far since the begining.
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TimeturnerJasmy's avatar
TimeturnerJasmy|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Look at her go! I feel so proud! :D
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Neowth's avatar
Neowth|Hobbyist Digital Artist
that potion doesn't heal your PP silly.
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the-real-fairy-amy's avatar
the-real-fairy-amy|Hobbyist Digital Artist
thnks snooze that was uhhhhh,,,,,,, kinda sexy
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JSHADOWM's avatar
JSHADOWMEdited |Hobbyist General Artist

i feel bad for the gym leader having to deal with smogon grade bullshit X"D
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Ryua's avatar
Ryua|Hobbyist General Artist
I love the flashback moments, she was so cute and pure. I am hoping she's remembering some useful fighting things about unpredicability that Ulrich taught her so long ago.

I just... gah, your fight scenes are so dynamic and beautiful.
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Oliverri's avatar
Oliverri|Student Filmographer
 hey snooze I love your comic Shaggy... 
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Supertmuzz's avatar
Supertmuzz|Hobbyist Digital Artist
The special effects are amazing and I love how well the flashbacks are integrated into the page
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wabii-sabii's avatar
i've been a follower for a while and i think i only commented on like one other page but i just had to mention how stunning your artwork is ;___; the lines are so smooth and clean, the colors are so vibrant, and your use of effects adds such personality to each panel that overall brings everything together beautifully!! your world is so well thought out and creative, and the amount of effort you put into each page is amazing. its obvious this comic means a lot to you ;v; i often reread this comic for either art inspo or just because i love it that much and i'm always blown away each time ;v;/
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TheMisadventuesofH's avatar
TheMisadventuesofH|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gosh this is so intense! I love how you incorporated the potion use into the fight : O
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lovalle's avatar
lovalle|Hobbyist General Artist
ohhh snooze you've done it again! as always the poses are dynamic and interesting and i'm in love

also i am afraid
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songwithnosoul's avatar
You have such a knack for making even the low-level gym fights seem super intimidating and high-stakes. It's great!

And yeah, it's really worrying how long this fight is drawing out. I really really want Abella to win this one, not just because losing might mean getting killed but because it feels like she gets a lot of flak for her fighting, being told her techniques are bad and she's not good enough (mostly from Edie) and yeah, she has some growing to do as a battler but she really needs this win now all the same! I believe in you, Abella!
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mmizart's avatar
god every page of this gym battle gets me more afraid someones gonna die
also can i just say, the pacing is soooo good. the panel composition is really creative and the action is so easy to follow, its all great!!!
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EraOfThirteen's avatar
EraOfThirteen|Hobbyist Digital Artist
the art is incredible!!! your fight scenes never cease to amaze
I have a feeling abella is going to pull of some really sick moves in the next one, i'm excited!! Also a little afraid but I believe in her!

in other news, ulrich still makes me cry
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