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Burn Away - Page 05


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I didn’t want to cut any of this up, so I decided to just suffer through a long page :’) I kinda ended up rushing the backgrounds for this one so sorry about that, but today was sort of a hard deadline :V I'm honestly just relieved to be done with this.

Sasha was indeed my Santalune forest catch, and that azurill thief was actually my Route 3 catch (I boxed her immediately, so I figured this was a nice way to include her, haha)

I figure I can go ahead and put the character stats here in the comments :^)

Roman Leclair
SPECIES: Fennekin
AGE: 14
NATURE: Timid, strongly defiant
BIRTHDAY: September 20

Sasha Kassem
SPECIES: Panpour
ABILITY: Gluttony
AGE: 15
NATURE: Hasty, sturdy body

Elaine Laska
SPECIES: Azurill
ABILITY: Huge Power
AGE: 20
NATURE: Lonely, likes to thrash about

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Battledroidunit047's avatar
He has GOT to do something about his unstable Pyromancy!
wildfireCC34's avatar
this is my ship, no-one can tell me otherwise!
newtypeFERN's avatar
The personalities match pretty well!
purplecruiser's avatar
Oh, and the fire is also kinda. . .ethereal as well, sort of . . .there yet not, mystical in appearance.
purplecruiser's avatar
I gotta say, I love the way you draw fire and whatnot. It's like. . .soft around the edges, but you can still tell that it's dangerous. 
hibihiyo's avatar
Sasha, despite being awkward and not nearly as threatening as he wanted to be, actually gave off a pretty adult vibe to me at first! :0 I assumed he was a bit older than 15. I guess he succeeded in seeming at least a bit more intimidating. Ahaha. (Also can I just say I love the way you draw expressions and faces in general? You can really see the emotion in each expression. And none of the faces look the same. They're all unique and rly avoid sameface. It's nice)
zeFluffleTruffle's avatar
As I'm sure everyone else has said, I love your art style so, so much. Plus the interaction between the characters is great, as is what I've seen of worldbuilding so far. I can't wait to see where you take this. 

And of course, I'm always a sucker for the line, "But at what cost???"
faeriety's avatar
your style is literally so gorgeous i can't even handle it omgggggg

mugging is the best way to make friends tbh
justsnooze's avatar
dskghlks thank you you're too kind ; v ;
MaxVesta's avatar
H Y A A  A AA A A A 

im adopting both of them bye
Esper-Isotopes's avatar
Sasha is clearly the most masterful mugger to ever mug of all time XD
Your art style is so adorable!!  
Soyomina's avatar
my two sons
thief son and sweaty son

i will never get over your coloring
it's so good
do you have tutorials for bgs?
i need to make another audio recording for this nuz B)
justsnooze's avatar
eyyyy thank you B'^) also oh my god i swear to god if you make an audio recordingggg i will straight up die

i don't have any tutorials in particular to link sadly, but i have been meaning to make a step-by-step run through of my process :3c
bibiedward's avatar
I love this so much asflgkhjk
All you panels are so pretty! And Sasha is adorable! :heart: And the different twists and turns are very interesting so far! 
RRevenant's avatar
Roman and Sasha have such a good dynamic already, I love the dorky discomfort they share. I actually like the subtle, painterly backgrounds. It really highlights the crispness of your characters and lets Roman's fire attacks really stand out in a visually appealing way. :D The expressions looked so good too, I just really love all of it! Ahhhhh. :D
justsnooze's avatar
aaaah thank you so much!! and we will definitely be seeing a lot more of their dorkiness in the future hahaha ; w ;
RRevenant's avatar
kopycat101's avatar
Well, this was quite the fun update! I'm loving how much these two are soft dorks xD
Also, including that Azumarill you boxed as the thief was pretty snazzy!
Oliverri's avatar
The coloring and the backgrounds and the characters and the muggings!! YESS!!!
I am diggin this so much When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
justsnooze's avatar
adlkhfdjjn thank you... dang... i'm really glad you like it so far QvQ
ChineseViking's avatar
Your backgrounds are excellent. I wish all muggings went the way Sasha's did: with both people quickly forgetting it and becoming traveling buddies.
dejasquietplace's avatar
points at roman and sasha!!! my sons!!!
also this page was fantastic and i am always jealous of your beautiful composition and backgrounds and just panels in general  u _ u
Yuriakashu's avatar
You're making me like Panpour.  H O W.  XD
This is a wonderfully long-- and action-packed-- update!  So much happening~~  I also really love how you colored that fire!  It's really vibrant and cuts through the night as it should.  Poor, poor Roman, though . . .  Also love how you gave them birthdays.  <3  So cute.  Just love all of this, tbh.  XD
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