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Burn Away - A Pokemon X Gijinkalocke [5 Year Anni]

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so, burn away has been long overdue for an updated cover.... and it just so happens to be the 5 year anniversary of me starting this comic... ;;w;;

its surreal to think about how much of my life i’ve now spent making this comic and being involved in nuzlockes... half a decade, man ;;__;; there’ve been so many ups and downs and i’m definitely a lot different from the girl who sat down in 2016 to try drawing a comic, but... im just really glad i started this and stuck with it. thank you so so so much to everyone of you who reads, comments, sends messages, makes fanart, or just hangs out with me!! its truly been a wonderful and overwhelming experience. <3


content warnings: mild violence/ blood, death (including child death), allusions to suicide/suicidal behavior (brief)


–  if a pokemon faints, it is dead and must be perma-boxed.

–  you may only catch the first pokemon encountered in each area.
    - forced encounters (Route 2 pidgey, Snorlax, etc.) don’t count and cannot be caught.
    - duplicate pokemon must not be caught. in any given area the player has 3 chances to find a non-duplicate to catch.
    - all rules may be ignored if a shiny is encountered.

– healing items can not be used during battle. (held items, however, are fine).

– the exp share must be turned off at all times.

– legendary pokemon can not be used.

–  mega evolution can not be used.

–  whiting out means game over.

–  if your starter faints it’s game over.

old cover 1 (Jan 2016)
old cover 2 (Oct 2016)

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Wow, that was a great story.

mystictri's avatar

lemme give cousteau a kiss kiss

mystictri's avatar

i know hes not in the cover dont @ me <3

scribble-doll's avatar

:love: lovely cover for a lovely comic! thank you for all of the hard work, dedication and heart you share with all of us through your comic! congrats on the half decade! :la:

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Such a wonderfull work! thank YOU for sticking with us!!! you influenced my girlfriend and I so much, and I don't think I'd be as confortable as i am today drawing humans if it wasn't for you. You've always been an inspiration and... god you truly keep on improving so much

Thanks again 🙏

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congrats to 5 years of running this nuzlocke! everytime 'the benefit of comic work' or 'should i start my comic' comes up, I always point towards burn away as just the absolute example of how comic making can really expedite artistic improvement. it really is SO fascinating to see where burn away started and where burn away is at now! every new page update always has me so excited--just as excited as I was to see older pages in my new deviations tab over the years. Here's to many more years of the excellent work you put out! thank you so much for sharing it with us all!

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Yes, gorgeous. Loving it.

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my children, looking better than ever ; w ; OMG SHASHA IS SO SMÅL IN HERE baby boy baby

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This is one cool comic!

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Holy shit, the big 5 YEARS!!! CONGRATS!! Burn away has always been and will continue to be a shining beacon of inspiration for me both in how pretty it looks and how hard you work on it. I'm so glad you've been able to stick to making this for a whole half decade. It's a wonderful feeling, ain't it?? Being able to create something with your own hands and watch both it and yourself grow, and I'm so excited to see burn away develop even more beyond this.

Congrats again, and here's to many more well-earned self celebratory anniversaries to come!
(This new cover is badass btw, but what do you draw that ISN'T breathtaking!!)
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Everyone here looking handsome as all hell, just admit it snooze, you are actively trying to kill us!

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5 years already huh, congratulations & good luck on continueing this. burn away is probably my favourite nuz comic at the moment & i really want to see it finished

Pkmn-Dusk-Red's avatar

Congratz on the milestone. I think I found your nuzlockes comic maybe 3 years ago, and have been along for the ride ever since. The growth you see with each new page is amazing, such an achievemenet. You inspire me to try a nuzlocke comic, sadly none have really worked out. Hopefully one day.

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Congrats!!! I am blown away by the fact it´s been 5 years o.o but the over looks absoluitely breathtaking like always <3

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Holy shit gorgeous as always. Happy 5th anniversary!

GECKO-Nuzlockes's avatar

CONGRATS!!! Love me some Burn Away <3

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