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Hey folks!

Finally i got the 111! Watcher: verca1  :heart:

You won a commisson! Let me hear what you want hunny and i will give it a shot! :D
To the rest of you. Thanks for all the watchers. I'm glad i stayed here on DA and maybe sooner or later i will show you some made stuff... hopefully... one day! 

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Slowly and without my notice my Watchers did grow a bit. As a big thank you there will be a free picture wish for Nummbver 111. Thats just two users  away. :heart:

Thanks again guys!
See ya with my next work.

Yours OW
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Hey there,

yeah as you can see my nick name finally changed, the old times of the confused teenage girl whitch is identifing it self with the creepy kid of majors mask is over (well... i hope so at last) and i will take a view things out of here, will reorginaze it and well... you will see what is happening. Anyway, thanks for stiking with me all the time and well, you will here from me very soon!

Lots of love
yours.... well not Hk any more, then lets go with...
OW :heart:
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Hey there,

there is not much to say at the moment. Still looking for myself and the 'art' i want to produce in future. Just found that posted by a friend on facebook and wanted to share it with all the talented artist here. Its a collection of all the trained bodys of nearly EVERY sport you can imagin and it remainds that a trained body isn't always a six-pack and big muscels. Great to study bodys for art.

Have fun watching.…
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....I was called a "Ugly nigger Transvestite" infront of a big crowed and my friends on a public place, during the photos we took, all suited in pink dresses, arranged in front of a pink limousine, the girls and me rented for the stag night of a good friend of mine who is getting marryed in a few weeks.

It was just a trukish teenage boy who meant to show infornt of his boys how big his balls are....

I did not showed that it hurts, it had busted the party (which we had planed long)and I know that the only reason i was the target is that I was the one who standed out because of my color and my size.... so no big deal... just a stupid little teenager

But it hurts.

And I hate that it hurts.

And I hate intolerance.

Yours HK
aka OneWing

Jennifer L. Hicks
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well... i normaly dont do that, talking about my private stuff to you but, today i dreamed of the devil and his job he is doing. It was quiet nice down there in the for-hell, like you where in an expancive Camp or something like that.
There where children and mothers, fat and unpolite people and some  schoolmades how told me there where on a plain whitch was taken over by terrorists... maybe i should call them, because now i still know how it was.... maybe it was just a fucking dream. There where also very nice and polite people, whitch let me think that even if i argue against it, i seem to think that people how did not get baptized are coming to hell. I did not and i cant imagen why the children where down there for some reason.

On the other hand i saw also some how i know there where bapized... and than i start to handle with the devil... he is one fucking smart guy...

o gosh what a dream..

yours Horrorkid
how is traing to find here painting skills back o.o
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Hey there people,

well things changed a lot, im studying now (and my bad english is worst then ever) and i got more time to draw and to show you what i got. I miss some good friends and found some new and now i got the time again to replay your Journal entrys and your showed art. Im looking forward to it and i hope you look forward to mine.

I'm back, baby! :D

yours Hk aka OneWing
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i am.... an Snow-man ... very very funny Deviant Art, why the hell?! Because auf 1. April :D :D Awsome?! xDDDD

*Snow-man Horrorkid waves to all of you*
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Hey there guys

So what did i do in the first mounths of the year? For real? JUST WORKING! And its very hard, so i dont even have the time to spend the money i work for, because i have to do more work.
But something good now: Someone is looking at the pictures of M1keN and me today, maybe we are allowed to print our own small comic!!!!!

:w00t: :w00t:

That would be sooo great, well that would be more work, but im looking forward to a kind of that word.

Wish me luke guyes! :heart: :heart:

yours Horrorkid
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I wish you all a good way in the new Year. In Germany we say "Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr" that means word for word "Have a nice slide in the new year" and it means that every thing will hopefully go well for you in the beginning to the next year and for the rest of the year!

I wish that to all of you! Just have fun, watch your self and make the best out of that time! :heart: :heart: :heart:


Yours Horrkrid aka Onewing aka Jenny


Featured people:
:iconnanecakes: :iconalienhominid2000: :iconjakehercy:
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Getting featured! (last one!)

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 26, 2008, 3:17 AM
Kraven Meeori

Who is gonna be placed on 10 ? :heart:

Hey there, so well its time to me
to support some of you, with your
gorgeous work! The first 10 that
will comment here where getting  
featured by me, and i realy hope
that it gives you some attention
you deserv!

There is just one thing you have to
do: Make a featured list (if you
dont have already one) and give
others the chance to get featured
by you! :) Just (and this is a rule
i didn't make) put me on the first
place as i do in my example with Ma-
feo. Hope this whole thing works and
im looking forward to your comments!

yours Horrorkid aka OneWing

:iconmafeo: Lord of Dark Flame by Mafeo
:iconm1ken: Before the dawn by M1keN :heart:
:iconspectraljump: Humanoid by Thundordan
:iconaranict: Fairy by Netprincess
:iconspacegryphon: Thallian by Spacegryphon
:iconcryingsoul85: Waterfall by Cryingsoul
:iconnanecakes: Omen in the Sky by Naneko85
:iconalienhominid2000: Kratos by Alienhominid
:iconjakehercy: Beneath Waves by JakeHercy

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Thanks to M1keN :)

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 28, 2008, 10:36 AM
Thanks to :




You guys helped me alot! Im still trying so don't
wounder if every day something new is in here
*smiles*. Just for those who where waiting for new
art of me: Im still working on several things and
hope i canshow you some of my art in the next time,
they bove gifts for friends and i realy hope
i do my job good, i'll show you if im finish.

If you got any questions to my journal or
even some helpfull adivces i would be very
happy about that. :D

yours Hk


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... in Fall, in my new year of life and everything else.

If got now more time to work on my pictures, i just must DO it. *smiles* And i will, because with every day i´m become clear in what i will do in my life! =) And it defently will be something with my drawing hands!

If got more time because? Because im 20 now, go to University next year and got my Car AAAAAND Motorbike licens!! And im so fucking happy about that! Life can come now.... (Did i said i love bikes like hell?^^ well now you know!^^)

So i thank everybody who where wishing me luck and which where waiting for new pictures from me! Now im finished with the rest and if got all he time for the things i like (at the moment^^)


yours very Happy Horrorkid
alias Jenny

(PS: And mike thank you soooo much for my sweeeet birthday present! Love you Hun :glomp: )
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Heeeey there!

Here i´m again.

Know i was a bit away the last mounths, but i finished my last written examination and now my "secondary school qualifying for university admission or matriculation" in german "Abitur" can come.
So i got only less time for more practicing for getting better, but i will show you my last work ... i think.. i would like if my work will go on in this way. :) I hope, after my "Abitur" i got more time for thinks i like to do.
Soooo im looking forward to the summer, i think, the summer of my life :D (i was shopping today, gnaa i neeeed summer! Pleeeease xD) hope its warmer in your countrys than here in germany.

See you all

Your thankfull (for so many clicks in the last time :) )
Horrorkid aka OneWing
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Hey guys, hope you got a nice time full peace and some things you like to do ! :) I had! And over all i got finish my first pice with my grafiktablet, from wacom ^^ This small one named "bamboo" for the beginning, but its exalent and realy enought!! Im soooo happy! x)

Hope i make now bigger steps in getting better, i will inform you about everything!
On this place a little "Thank you" to all this huge artist here, which where giving tips and secrets to all the smaller one! Thank you for sharing your experience!" :D

With lots of love
yours Horrorkid!!
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Worked all day on myself, think 14 hours (holiday for the win^^) and im only of one reason so happy of it: Because you guys gave me the kick that i needed!

Im back again and full of ideas, thats a great feeling! Thank you for that.

So i thought, traing coloring on a pictur of my self could be a good idea. Here i am, as Horrorkid, my artist me!


Happily going to bed now! What a wounderful day. *yawn*

yours Horrorkid

(PS: Speczial thanks to Mike and Thun again, talking with you guys is so much fun, helpful and just great! :) )
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Hey there

Sooo i have load up some new (or old) pics. Im trying to draw on but stil there is no serious stuff getting out of my pencil. I start to think why, and i guess im wishing my self on a next level of drawing but i do not get the train to this step. So... nothing is good enougt. :/

Now im traing to expermient with my work, so that i may get the feeling from: "oh yes, i like this..." So it may take some time if there comes realy new stuff of which i can say im proud of.^^'

Hope you all trying to look forward like me! :)

See ou next time
yours Horrorkid
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Well... not very interessting day but im starting to get bowred of my self again. Hope i find something new in the next time that spirits me. o.o


See you guys... =)

yours Horrorkid
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What a day

I hang out with my girls and when i get back i've got this wounderfull note in my inbox!


All this here animate that much in working on my art. Wounderful people round here, this is great.

Bad, that the next days there is no time for drawing and working, driver lesseons, Games Convention and on and on and on... hope in 2 weeks i can get back to things i love! :)

(Aaand i hope my scaner is repaired till that time ^^''' )

yours Horrorkid
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Hey there

Got back from my first and my last working day in these callcenter... i m not made for a job like this... quit it, can´t tell people "Do that,it´s good for you!" if it isn´t true AND if there don´t want to talk with me!!!

There are other girls for jobs like that, but even if i try to let my soul at home.... i can´t.....

Soooooo thank God (ore some one how is up there) that i got a bit of talent to work on it, so i´ve got a chance for a job thats ...more with heart and less with lying.

Thogut about painting.... miss it... but there is no to draw at the moment my head is empty... no spirt....

No time for playing.... no time for anything.... crazy day...

Greets and... thanks for the fav´s it´s glade that there are some who like what i do :) cewl!!

yours Horrorkid
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