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Alucard's Fangirl

This is based on the Hellsing doujinshi strip "When Fangirl's Attack" by Erin of And Shine Heaven Now
Go read. It's very, very good ^_^

To summarise, that's me up the top (or my fangirl form anyway; they're supposed to be rather chibi-ish) and down the bottom is Alucard, with me as a fangirl attached to his shoulder =3

I used coloured pencils for this, and a really bad gel ink pen for the outlines (I need to get myself a proper ink pen)

Hellsing and Alucard © of Kouta Hirano
Fangirl concept (that this is based on at least) © of Erin Ptah
Wyrren © JustMyImagination XD
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hahaha!! very good ;) I like it :D