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Fallout Equestria Wings: One Year Later



It’s been one year since I started my first Fallout: Equestria side-fic, Wings! So, to celebrate, I decided to make a new page of Wings that ties in with my latest project: Sight, Sounds, and Souls.

Spending the past year in the wonderful FoE community has been an incredible experience. I’ve made several friends and met so many talented writers, artists, musicians, voice actors, and all around great people. I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

A huge thanks goes out to :iconno-1ne:,:iconjuleppony:,:iconnyerguds:, and Hidden Treasure, for helping me so much over the past year and putting up with my lack of creative skill. ^^;

Also thanks to everyone that has read Wings and/or following SSS currently! Sorry about the quality...

And of course, full thanks go out to Kkat! without her incredible Fic, this community wouldn’t even be here.

*image* A hundred year old, blood stained, note pad page.

One Year Later

Well, it’s been one year since the day I got my orders to go to leave the NCR and explore the wasteland in search of winged specimens. So much has happened since then. I’ve discovered my true special talent, made several wonderful friends, had my leg blow off many times, became a hero, traveled beyond Equestria as a diplomat, and most of all, met the love of my life.

But today wasn’t all just reminiscing. I received an unusual anniversary gift from Ditzy.

While she was taking inventory of her stock in Absolutely Everything, she came across an old note pad. She said that she got it years ago from some ghoul and never really gave it much thought. Flipping through it, Ditzy found that it had several notes and drawings that somepony made long ago. It reminded her of my note book, so she gave it to me.

There’s not many pages with writing or drawing in them, and some appear to be stuck together with blood that dried long ago. The author of it didn’t even write her name down, but from what I can gather, she seems to have been a young pegasus mare, possibly from a stable. She was traveling with a couple other ponies, one named Second Hoof and the other Colt, and appeared to have a knack for engineering.

I didn’t have a chance to study the note pad for very long. Celly came by and her eyes went wide as soon as she saw it. She then telekinetically snatched from me, so fast that the page I had my hoof on tore out, and teleported away. Now that page is all that I have left of it.

I’m going to have to have a talk with her when she gets back. She normally only freaks out like that when it’s something that involves her past. Considering that the pages were stuck together with blood, and this page has “CANTERLOT” written on it, I doubt this is something that ended well...
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Ooo new story! Sweet.