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Fallout Equestria: Wings Epilogue



End of Fallout Equestria: Wings.
Major thanks to Kkat for creating this wonderful wild wasteland, and to :iconshytalon: and everyone else who helped point out typos and spelling errors.
Thanks to everyone for reading!
Criticism is STRONGLY encouraged!
This part takes place during the FoE Epilogue.
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*image* An inkwell and a orange tipped quill

I'm right back where I started and I'll be keeping this journal a while longer.

When I tried to submit my report it set off a dozen environmental warnings. Some of the warnings included magical radiation, pink cloud, and whatever the heck "taint" is. I was provided a second field journal in which I copied a truncated account of my discoveries, leaving out some of the more personal and less relevant details. Since I don't have to give this into the higher ups, I decided to continue writing in it as my personal journal.

It turns out that Rock Wind had recovered the remains of my auto map when they found the site of the manticore attack. After nearly a week of messing around with it, he managed to extract enough data from its memory banks to reconstruct that trail that I original took through the mountains. So Celly, Oro, Boris, Gilgamesh, Moth, Rose, and I managed to follow it all the way back to the NCR to finally submit my report.

Brigadier Corn-Husk was surprised about my return to say the least, even more so by the fact that I brought along 2 balefire phoenixes, 2 pegasus, a griffin, and an alicorn. They are all showing and teaching the staff here all they can about flight. They better learn all they can within the next two weeks though, after that we are heading to Hollow King to visit grandma and the Looypool 9 ponies. Then it's back to the Wasteland.

Moth is needed back there to continue his work helping the pegasus who were displaced during "the day of sunshine and rainbows" adjust to the wasteland until the political situation in the clouds calms down. Despite his age he's well respected for being a non-dashite with extensive on ground experience. Rose goes wherever Moth goes, she considers him the bravest pegasus to ever touch soil, and he's crazier about her than he is for rocks!

Celly is also needed with the Followers of the Apocalypse to help other alicorns adjust to life without the Goddess. Since she is technically the oldest living alicorn, many of them look to her for guidance. Blueberry Sunrise is also helping the FotA with their experiments to make male alicorns. They seem to have a while to go before understanding Killing Joke, since last I heard she was now a dragon.

As for me, this was my last assignment for O.W.L. R&D. When I return to the Wasteland it will be as the official liaison between this NCR and the new NCR that Gawd is building. She's off to a good start at least since she assigned Nall to help handle the logistics of the undertaking. My first task will be trying to convince her to adopt at least the same flag as this NCR...

While the Wasteland may be dangerous, there are still many that I can help, and at least this time I'll be going there with my friends. Also, I now have my own personal bodyguard, whom I trust with more than my life...
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