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Fallout Equestria: Wings 9



When you see it...
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Day 8

Well I got my answers, sort of...

He says his name is “Stormageddon”, and that that he fell while fighting off four armed griffins when a fifth managed to get in a sneak attack. Real element of honesty here...

I only got that out of him after convincing him that the air here won't kill him instantly, and that I was not going to gobble him up in a stew. I know that the NCR teaches some factually dubious things about history as a form of propaganda/nation building (mostly about how all the ills of the world were the fault of the princesses and the ministry mares), but they have nothing on this “enclave”! Most citizens of the NCR don't even buy half of that bunk (just the most “patriotic”), but according to “Stormageddon” EVERYPONY there believes whatever the government says. Maybe all pegasus are both compulsive liars and naively trusting...

Oh, and of course there would be no bits for saving his life. The Enclave doesn’t use NCR bits, and whatever currency they do use would be worthless to the NCR. Since he had nothing on him, I’ll have to wait until he returns to the clouds to get anything of value. Before he can return though, he has to find a doctor to fix up his wing, I hope there is one in Appleoosa, for now I made a sling for him out of Beret's old scarf.

*image* “Stormageddon”

With him tagging along there's now a new problem, we don't have enough food for two to reach Appleoosa. Although this may give me an opportunity to try something I always wanted to test.

While in high-school I was in a brief relationship with the son of the chief of the Bighorn tribe (he soon grew out of it). He once told me about how his tribe would fast for days before going on a pilgrimage to their ancient grazing grounds, then before leaving they went into a trance and just start walking. Incredibly they never lost a single tribe member, even going through hell-hound country, and would always reach their destination as long as the leader had been there before. So if things ever get too dire out here, and I'm all out of food, I may have to try “fast traveling” myself...
*image* Wooly Hoof of the Bighorn tribe
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... I see what you did there. xD