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Fallout Equestria: Wings 8



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Day 7

Well that was a big waste of time.

For three days I've been heading for that outcropping for who knows what reason, and before I even get a chance too find out what was so important about it I wind up near the bottom of the mountain!

Just as I got to the location I spotted a winged form, a bit smaller than a pony, falling out of the sky. I thought it may be a condor or even a wild goose (I could sign off this assignment as finished if it was), so just as it fell past me I leaped out and caught it in my hooves. This was not the best idea since I was now also falling.

I managed to tumble down the side of the mountain, clutching my winged prize close so not to lose or damage it, and eventually slid to a rocky and painful stop. When I finally saw what I just risked my life for, I was dismayed to see that it was a useless pegasus!

How the heck does a pegasus fall out of the sky? Did he just forget how to fly? Or maybe he rolled off a cloud in his sleep? Do they sleep on clouds? I guess they must, it's all that's up there.

These questions will have to wait for an answer though, since the fool foal is passed out still. Aside from the same scratches and bruises I got (down 1 magic potion) from our tumble, he also has a clearly broken wing, but I don't know if that was from before or after I caught him. I can't give him a magic potion until that wing gets set, says so on the bottle, old Iron “backwards leg” Shells from prototyping found that out the hard way...

He looks to be in his early teens, his mane and tail are a dusty dark brown and his coat is a dark orange, his cutie mark looks like a rock.

I'm going to stick around until he wakes up so I can get some answers out of him, the most important of which is weather or not I’m going to get some bits for saving his worthless sun blocking life...
*image* An unconscious young pegasus with a broken wing.
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"the most important of which is whether or not I’m going to get some bits" =p