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The now mortal Celly may want to practice her shield spell...
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 45.
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*Image* two pages of a letter

Celly, this letter is not for you!
I want you to give this letter to Citquine the next time you see him, and don't read past this paragraph! I don't care if you look like a foal, if you read this letter I will personally test just how indestructible you are!

Fold this letter back up, put it in the envelope, and give it to Citquine...

Hello Citquine, I'm sorry about the indirect method of getting this letter to you, but I simply don't know where you are right now (somewhere half way to Looypool 9 most likely), so getting a message to you is tricky. I also wish to avoid any gossip. The Talons may look like a bunch of hardened mercs, but I swear some of them are more part old hen than eagle...

The main reason I'm writing you is about your special talent and cutie mark. I hope that you have figured it out on your own by now, buy I'm worried that you may just keep thinking you are pointless and become more despondent. While your cluelessness about your true talent is endearing, it's not worth you always beating yourself up about it for no reason.

To put it simply, your talent is helping others.

I know that you will object and say that you are just doing what any earth pony would do, but what you do goes much more beyond that, and the proof is in the magic. It's easy to see how the special talents of unicorns are enhanced by magic, but I have seen enough earth ponies do incredible things to know that they have some form of magic helping them too. It's often subtle, like a sniper who never misses a target, or a prospector who never gets lost, but there is something beyond the ordinary connected to an earth pony's special talent.

I apologize if I’m coming off as philosophical. As I told you before, it's an occupational hazard from watching others all day with lots of time to think.

The magic of your talent is very subtle, but became clear when hearing you talk about your past adventures. You may have passed it off as luck, or coincidence, or even not thought about it, but you have an uncanny ability to not only find those who need help, but also the means to help them. From some force which drove you to be in the right place at the right time to catch Moth, to on a whim happening upon that small cave where you saved Celly from her selfimposed exile. On just a feeling you saved Oro and Boris from a watery tomb, and through them helped Silver Bell open up from her trauma, which helped Ditzy to bond with her new daughter. You also helped me, but I would rather discuss that in person.

I would even hazard a guess that your special talent is also the reason why you have somehow managed to avoid nearly all the horrors and hardships of the wasteland that often breaks the spirit of even the strongest ponies.

As for your cutie mark, you said it yourself, they are not always literal and there can be other interpretations of them. I think that your cutie mark isn't a big zero like you believe, but actually a piece of jewelery that you found in that radroach nest (a ring or a bracelet). You found it due to an unexplained impulse to search in a crack, which I believe was the magic of your special talent at work. In finding that jewelry and other items, you not only helped the mares that lost it, but also cleared the name of that foal who was wrongly accused.
Your cutie mark represents the first time you selflessly helped others.

Next time you're in New Appleloosa I would really like to spend some more time with you. There are some other things I wish to talk about that I won't include in this letter, since I have a feeling a certain diminutive imp is still reading this...

~Gilgamesh Wings
PS. I have a lightning gun Celly!
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Sweet, go Gilly! Its about time someone pointed out to Cit just what his special talent really is, since Gawd knows he didn't seem to be figuring it out for himself. :giggle:

So it turns out Gilgamesh is something of a philospher when he's not flying around kicking flank eh? For some reason that seems to fit surprisingly well with his usual "strong silent type" demenour. Lets just hope Cit lets him know that Celly isn't quite so invincible anymore (and also not a threat for that matter, since alicorns aren't exactly well liked :P).

And Gilly said Cit helped him somehow, eh? Well we can probably guess what he means by that...