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Fallout Equestria: Wings 74



Return to sender.
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 45.
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Day 58

Well, like most of my plans, this one didn't go as planned.

Everything started off well, the guards were drawn away, the pass code worked, and all the Looypool 9 ponies got silently to the tunnel. The head of Celly's religious followers even said a prayer for the ponies that died in the facility 200 years ago, in keeping with my promise to the stallion who gave me the pass key, since we were going to bury the whole place. I can't describe how awkward it is to hear a prayer directed to a "goddess" that was standing right beside me, I'm just glad Celly didn't bolt at that moment.

Then some crazy Steel Ranger who slept with an automatic grenade launcher blew up his room then tried to blow up Celly. So I chose to go back and help her instead of returning to the NCR, looking back it seems rather obvious choice given my talent. In the end I wound up trashing another Buckshot ( I must be the only pony to lose 5 legs and keep walking), but Celly is making a quick recovery. I didn't know that radiation healed alicorns, but thankfully Oro and Boris somehow did.

I then had to limp away as fast as I could on three legs, while carrying a very large injured alicorn on my back, to get clear before we blew the place. Fortunately, Rock and Splash were able to help carry her the rest of the way with their telekinesis (this was a lot easier when Celly could fit on my head).

When we met up with Moth, Rose, and Nall I learned that they had much better luck than we did. They were doing well leading the guards away, and just as the Ranger's shots started getting a little too close, they bumped into an Enclave patrol. The three of them then snuck off in the confusion and let the idiots on both sides blast at each other.

Since the Rangers never came back I gathered that the Enclave won that encounter, but later in the day it became clear that they lost the war. Massive rainbow rings spread across the sky and cleared away most of the clouds, all across Equestria from the looks of it. If I had colored pencils I would attempt to draw it, but just monochrome would not do it justice. When my father gets to NCR territory in a week he should get a nice surprise with that, should almost make up for having to deal with his wife again...

It turns out that letter addressed to Celly, which I forgot all about in all that happened, was actually sent to her in order for her to deliver it to me. It was enlightening to say the least, and has given me my next destination. Using the troop carrier we dropped the stable ponies off back in Manehattan (Noi must be worried sick about them), and are now making a bee-line to our final stop. I hope to spend some time there, but I will not be recording it in this journal!
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Wow Cit, I gotta say losing FIVE legs is one achievement you probably could have done without. :P

So even if the plan didn't go as... er planned, looks like Cit and crew were still able to accomplish their mission AND do so without any of their group dying. Thats about as good as anyone can hope for in the wasteland.

*facepalms* The letter was meant for Cit, of COURSE the letter was meant for Cit, oh well. Judging from Cit's reaction its not hard to guess who it probably came from. :D

Also, one minor nitpick, if the SPP towers are sonic-rainbooming then that probably means these events should be taking place during and after chapter 45 in FOE.