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Fallout Equestria: Wings 73



Last one of these screens!
Criticism is STRONGLY encouraged!
This part takes place during FoE Chapter 44.
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*image* a Pip-Buck screen within the Applelation facility
CQ:> Fire, tell everypony to get as far into the tunnel as they can, then lock the door. Splash, finish setting the charge you're on now and then clear out with Fire.
FG:> Citquine, did that buck rattle your brains? If I lock the door now, you'll be stuck on the wrong side of it.
CQ:> No, this is the side I need to be on, Celly is hurt and I'm not leaving her. Besides, Oro and Boris are helping to heal her, and without them there is no reason to go back.
RW:> I re-encoded the room locks, but they won't hold much longer!
FG:> Ok, I told everypony. Your dad says he understands and he'll lead them all to the NCR. He also says that he's proud of you.
SI:> Ok, last charge set! Move your tail Fire, we have to get clear before we can blow this place!
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