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Fallout Equestria: Wings 72



Canterius ex machina...
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 44.
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*image* a Pip-Buck screen within the Applelation facility
RW:> This crazy guy keeps shouting “hunt”, or maybe “runt”. Enunciate! I'm not good with mouth words!
CQ:> Hold tight! I have an idea, though I regret having to do this...
RW:> Oh, it's a “C” sound... Well that's just rude!
CQ:> That's it! Regret gone!

RW:> Ohhh! Even I felt that!
FG:> What happened?
RW:> Cit ran up behind the tin pony and bucked under his tail so hard his prosthetic leg exploded! Even with armor, that pony is out for a while...
SI:> New problem! The explosions woke up everypony. I’m hearing a lot of banging and angry voices coming from these rooms.
FG:> Citquine, you need to get back to the tunnel NOW!
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awww, a deus reference@