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Fallout Equestria: Wings 7



Rock, Plasma, Scissors.
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Day 6

Of all the worst things that could happen, this is the worst possible THING!

Dantom is DEAD!

While rolling him along I was attacked by a ghoul zebra. I don't know if this ghoul was feral or just didn't know the war ended 200 years ago, or just wanted me off his lawn, but he was dead set on making me dead. I dove behind Dantom for cover, but after taking a couple shots from the zebra's energy weapon he melted into a glowing blue puddle of rock!
Enraged, I charged at the zebra before he could fire again, and turning around at the last moment I bucked his rotten head clear off.

Danton was a far sight better protector than Grimm ever was, he saved my life twice (three times depending how that flat raider got under him), and now the Wasteland seems a little bit more dangerous.

He also had a flat area at just the right height where I could write in this field guide comfortably, now there is a pebble digging into my knee...

I scooped up a bit of the blue goo that he was reduced to and placed it on this page.

*Image* A puddle of blue rock goo

On the up side, what I lost in defense I more than made up for in offense!

*Image* A magical plasma pistol

The energy weapon the zebra had turned out to be a pistol size magic
plasma emitter, which I procured in exchange for the destruction of my private property (Dantom). To think that the zebras had this kind of tech 200 years ago, it's no wonder they won the war. The best anypony in R&D had come up with so far was the size of a bulky rifle.
I hereby claim full rights and royalties to any technological advancements and discoveries achieved through it's analysis upon my return to the NCR.

For those outside of R&D, magical plasma is the substance that causes the glow around a unicorn's horn and target when they are preforming magic. This is normally a harmless and weak energy, but when amplified in a recursion loop it can become a powerful blast of raw magic. It's not as quick or accurate as standard magical energy weapons, but it makes up for it in destructive potential.

I have never been too keen on traditional firearms (glorified gas powered sling shots) and never developed any skill in their use, but this is a more refined weapon that I can use with confidence. Too bad it looks so ugly...
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Love the business sense of Catquine. Her grandma would be proud.