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Fallout Equestria: Wings 69



Better late than never...
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 44.
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Day 57

The plan is pretty straightforward and designed to minimize any actual contact with the Steel Rangers, since just one could easily kill most of us.

There are three elements that are working in our favor. The first is that most of the facility and some of the Ranger's gear are based on Stable-Tec technology. This means that the Stable pony's headbands can easily interface with them, allowing us to lock doors and scramble comms. The second element is that most of the Rangers have just been called away from the facility, leaving a skeleton crew. Apparently there is a major battle brewing near Fillydelphia. The final element is that many of the unicorns of Looypool 9 have learned how to cast a "Soft Hoof" spell, which makes anypony's steps near silent. Familiarity with this spell came about by the combination of energetic foals and subterranean Hellhounds with sensitive ears that like to sleep in.

The plan will take place at first light, when the guards are tired and the next shift is asleep. First Moth, Rose, and Nall will lead the guards away while Rock Wind prevents them from calling in back up. Their Enclave armor will give them enough protection, and the guards should be easily provoked, being tired and denied the big Fillydelphia battle. Once the way is clear Rock will sneak in, disable the security, and lock in the sleeping Rangers while Celly uses her shield to protect him and guard the entrance.

Fire Grass will then lead my father and the retired adventurers, armed with some of the Enclave energy weapons, through the main corridor to make sure no Steel Rangers are around. When the corridor is secured The town ponies will run in, all enchanted with the Soft Hoof spell so not to alert the Rangers, and make their way to the tunnels to the NCR. My father will have the pass keys with him to let them through.

I'll be helping Splash Iron rig all the remaining Enclave energy weapons to remotely explode along the corridor. Set in the right locations they should be enough to cave in the facility, stopping the Steel Rangers from getting to the NCR. Once that is ready Celly and I will join up with the town ponies in the caves, locking the door behind us. The stable ponies will then meet in the wasteland with Moth, Rose, and Nall and detonate the weapons.

I was so happy when Celly said she wanted to come to the NCR with me. This would have been much harder if I had to leave all of my friends behind.

*image* Floor plan of the facility, copied from Rock's Pip-Buck
X Weapon Charges O Tunnels to NCR
/\ Door controls Z Sleeping quarters
o Celly's shield |^ Stairs to other floors

I just wish I could have seen him one more time.
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So they are going to bury the Steel Rangers alive in their sleep and destroy a pre-war facility and nopony has a problem with that? They could just pass through the door, close it behind them and collapse a few hundred meters of the tunnel on the other side... Then again Citriquine hates the Rangers enough to do this.