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Fallout Equestria: Wings 68



"You got big!" "And out got old!"
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 44.
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Day 56

Celly is back! And she's alive! And huge!

Turns out that the Alicorn that was searching for me in Stable 92 was none other than Celly, and what happened to her is rather complicated...

First off, Twilight Sparkle didn't die when the mega-spells hit 200 years ago, in fact, she was alive up until six days ago. Well, if you consider being a suppressed consciousness within an amorphous mutant being of raw magical power as "alive" that is. When Twilight was absorbed into this being, which called itself the "Goddess" (real modest), she felt frightened and alone. So she subconsciously reached out with her earliest memories of friendship, and through the incredible power of the Goddess, Celly was brought into reality as a construct of pure magical energy. Over time Celly developed a mind and memories of her own, and not being made of flesh and bone she was impervious to all harm.

So Celly went about with her own life for 150 years, then 6 days ago some-pony blew the goddess up with a mega-spell. With the magic gone Celly's body disappeared and her mind returned to Twilight's consciousness, which was now free and temporally inhabiting a nearby alicorn. Twilight, now aware of all Celly's memories, felt sorry for what happened to her and magically transferred her mind into the body of another Alicorn.

Celly says that the mind inhabiting the Alicorn is of a young foal, and it was severely broken during the process of being turned to an alicorn. With the goddess gone the alicorn could not have survived on its own, so Celly is now taking care of it in exchange for sharing its body.

It took her some time to adjust to the new body and get her memories all sorted out in the right order. To find me she had to retrace her steps from all the places we've been until she caught up with me here. She described being actually flesh and bone as "really, really, weird!". She no longer has unlimited telekinetic powers and teleporting quickly wears her out, but she can cast a strong protective shield, handy since she's now mortal.

Celly has been gradually meeting the ponies of Looypool 9 as Nall transports them here with the troop carrier (much better than all at once). For the most part everypony accepted Celly's new body, assuming that she just grew up, though the religious followers were rather put out that their "child goddess" was no longer a child. Celly (understandably so) outright refused to be called just "the goddess".

Now all the pieces are in place for the plan that Nall and I came up with.

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Well then that explains Celly. Clever.