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Fallout Equestria: Wings 67



Citquine's army.
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 43.
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Day 55

Well I got another surprise tonight, Fire Grass and two other ponies from stable 92 tracked me to where I was observing the Applelation facility. They came to tell me that my "wife" was looking for me.

I never did get around to clearing up that misunderstanding that Celly was not my daughter, the whole dying brain in the jar thing distracted me. So when a large purple alicorn mare suddenly appeared in Stable 92 calling out my name and then disappearing, Fire Grass made the assumption that it was Celly's mother and my wife. Reasonable since Celly was the only other alicorn they ever seen. so I had to tell them that Celly wasn't my daughter and that alicorn couldn't have been her mother. I also had to tell them that Celly was "gone", since I don't know how else to describe what happened. As for the alicorn mare, I don't know how it knows my name or why she tracked me all the way to Stable 92. Odds are low that she's friendly.

Turns out that Watcher was secretly keeping tabs on me via another sprite bot on my way to Looypool 9. I found this out because after the stable ponies lost my trail at the manticore attack, they some how tracked down Firefly and demanded answers from it. I have no idea how somepony intimidates a dragon through a sprite bot, but they some how managed, and all the while thinking they were talking to an AI. They even brought it back with them and I tethered it to my new auto-map's signal.

The other ponies with Fire Grass are Splash Iron and Rock Wind (must have been a naming fad), and they've been telling me about how Stable 92 isn't just brains in tanks and digital telepathy. Since the original ponies of the stable were all war orphans, many too young to have cutie marks, the designers of the stables wanted to ensure that they would have every possible opportunity to find their special talent. Apparently getting your cutie mark was so important to the heads of Stable-Tech that they included in the stable a massive library to teach every skill from Apple-bucking to Zip-lining, and several recreation areas to practice those skills. In a few generations the talents the foals were learning became so complex that their cutie marks couldn't handle them. So, some how the cutie marks became "QT codes", digital patterns a pony can decode with their headband and see as a detailed 3D representation of the pony's talent.

The talents these three have allowed them to safely track me across the wasteland, and gives me an idea on how to handle the Applelation Facility.

*image* Rose Cora, Moth, Nall, Splash Iron, Fire Grass, and Rock Wind

Moth is dealing with some trust issues.
They gave me a spare headband and Pip-buck as thanks for saving Noi.
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Cutie Mark Crusaders reference for the win,good to know that a part of their legacy from their childhood(foalhood?) lived on ^^