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That "expert" does seem suspicious... and where have I seen a yellow/purple imaginary alicorn in magic kindergarten before?
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 41.
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Day 54

I found out what was in that memory orb today, and now I know why Celly was so disturbed by it.

When we got to Tenpony Tower, Life Bloom said he was too busy preparing for an important procedure to help out, but he recommended an expert at reading orbs that just happened to be there at the time. This "expert" was a small mare that looked more like a mercenary, and the fact that she was with a griffin from Gawd's company and a zebra reinforced that impression. Also, she apparently was from a stable even worse off than 92, since her pipbuck was fused into her leg ! I trusted Life's recommendation though, and let her view the orb after she promised not to tell anyone else about it.

The memory was of Twilight Sparkle trying to make an orb that retained old memories, since the first orbs could only store recent memories. The test was a failure, hence the label, and only recorded her verbally recounting an old memory that she hadn't thought about in decades.

The memory she was trying to record was about her time as a filly in magic kindergarten. She was teased and bullied by the other foals due to her always studying and learning spells like telekinesis much sooner than any other unicorns. This lead to her having trouble making any friends her age and feeling alone, since her only companion was a Smartypants doll.

So she did what many creative foals do, and came up with an imaginary friend. She wanted a friend that was just as good at magic as she was, so she came up with a filly alicorn based on her idol Princess Celestia. Her alicorn was really good at telekenisis, just like she was, and could teleport like the princess, a spell that Twilight really wanted to learn. She even named the alicorn Celly, which was short for Celestia.

Twilight's imaginary Celly matched so much with the Celly I know that it can't be a coincidence! But how can an imaginary friend become a real pony? It would take some ridiculously powerful magic. Also, how could Celly appear 50 years after Twilight's death, and why did she suddenly disappear?

Now I know why all the times that I said she was "just a pony" touched her so much. I meant it as that she's not a goddess, but she must have seen it as a confirmation that she was real and not just somepony's imagination.

There's a lot more that I need to figure out, but I need to get back to Looypool 9. Fortunately, while I was having the orb read Nall visited the massive Enclave ship near by. Using her clearance as a logistics officer she was able to procure for us a troop transport and a large pile of energy weapons. With the increased speed of the transport we should be back at the Applelation facility by nightfall tomorrow.
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Did... did he just steal an Enclave troop transport in the middle of a war? Almost accidentally?