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Fallout Equestria: Wings 64



He's back!
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 40.
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Day 53

I got two mixed surprises today, not all good, but then better than the bad of the past several days. The first was an explosion over New Appleoosa that cleared half the clouds in the sky. The second was Moth returning and, just like the first time, nearly killing us both.

Early this morning Blueberry spotted that New Appaloosa was under attack from four massive Enclave warships. Then there was an explosion above the town that produced a giant balefire colored ring that knocked the enclave out of the sky, along with most of the cloud cover. I was told later that it was a "sonic rainboom", and since the only pegasus in that town was Ditzy Doo, I'm rather worried if she's ok after a stunt like that.

Then around evening a pegasus in Enclave armor came out of nowhere and started shooting at Blueberry. Since she was carrying me she wasn't able to return fire, so she tried to get me to the ground as fast as she could. Then a shot grazed her wing, causing her to lose her grip, and my trip to the ground became much faster. The pegasus then awkwardly tried to catch me and I reconsigned his voice. I was then just barely able to stop Blueberry from shooting Moth to bits by the time his new friends caught up.
When Moth took off his Enclave helmet he looked malnourished and beaten, but happy.
*image* Moth

Leaving Moth with the Enclave was the worst mistake I have ever made.

They brought him back to a remote base to question him about the wasteland, I guess in preparation of this attack. Then over the past month the questioning became an interrogation, and then torture. Nopony even went looking for him, since the Enclave had already reported him dead a week after he disappeared. I think the only reason they didn't brand him a dashite was because they just planned on killing him.

When the rain-boom hit, it literally knocked the cloud foundations out from where Moth was being held. In the confusion he made his escape with fellow detainee Rose Coral, a pegasus mare a couple years older than him with a rose mane and coral coat (original, but who am I to talk). While escaping they ran into Logistics Officer Nall, and on hearing about their treatment, she decided to buck the whole Enclave and help them. Nall managed to acquire three enclave suits to disguise them and they broke cloud to find a place to hide. While searching Moth spotted me and Blueberry and rushed in to save me from the evil griffin that he thought had captured me.

After spotting some signs of Enclave attack at Shattered Hoof, Blueberry left to help there. With Nall flying me the rest of the way to Tenpony, we should be there by noon tomorrow if all goes well.
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Hmm, you might want to make sure you spell "New Appleoosa"consistently. The second time it's mentioned it says "New appaloosa". Without capital A, even =p

Oh, and there's another double consonant you missed, in "they just planned on killing him." ;)