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Fallout Equestria: Wings 63



Apologies for using that joke again...
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 39.
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Day 52

Things are going bad fast.

Just as we were taking off this morning, Blueberry noticed something far to the north-east, a squad of Enclave aircraft attacking Dead Canterlot. Even I could see when the whole city fell off of the mountainside. Two weeks ago I would have been glad to see the pink cloud nightmare gone, but now I just can't stop thinking about all those ponies in Stable city. Canterlot ghouls are tough, but I doubt any could survive that.

There were distant signs of battles all day in all directions. To me they were barely visible, so I had to rely on Blueberry's eagle eyes. They were mostly around raider settlements, but the largest attack was around the civilian settlement Friendship City. We even had to hide a few times when Enclave troops got a little too close. The stops gave me time to finish the repairs on Buckshot, not that it would be much use against flying ponies.

I would have been a good time to listen for news on the radio, which my griffin companion happened to have, but DJ Pon-three has been off the air since yesterday morning. Aside for a brief comeback, he's been replaced by the Enclaves ramblings. Taking out the airwaves was the same strategy that the Steel Rangers used in their attack, but at least they only played static, and not this drivel.

*image* Blueberry Sunrise

And yeah, the tweaked griffin courier calls herself Blueberry Sunrise. She said that she use to be a pony like me, but then took some ivy to the knee.

I can't tell if she's joking, stoned out of her mind, or telling the truth...

Has it really been just 2 days since Celly disappeared? Things happened so fast, it feels unnatural. Days of so little changing and then suddenly I'm in the middle of a war and my closest friend is gone, perhaps forever. It also doesn't help that I have some vague memories that I can't attach to any day recently. Maybe it's just lack of sleep or something. I'm even having trouble seeing ponies in their proper places lately.

I use to see pegasus as aloof and spiteful, and now they are attacking us. Yet 2 and 1/3 of the 4 ponies I consider friends are pegasus. I saw earth ponies as representing the best of everything, but the Steel Rangers have reminded me how they can also be the worst. While Unicorns were mostly just good for fiddly work, I'm now desperately trying to get the help of a unicorn who previously saved my life (and the lives of a whole stable).

At least the mannequins were gone when we passed over where they were.
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