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Fallout Equestria: Wings 62



Some ponies can't take a break...
This part takes place during FoE Chapter 38.
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Day 51

When I got back to Looypool 9 I still had no idea what to tell everypony about Celly, thankfully my father saved me the trouble. He must have been able to tell something was wrong just by the look on my face from his sniper's perch, and managed to divert any questions the towns folk had away from me. He just told them what they suspected already, that the child goddess went to investigate the explosion yesterday and the Enclave sightings. They accepted that explanation easily enough, mostly because they had more pressing things on their mind.

The chief of the local hellhound clan came to town today to tell us that the massive explosion all but wiped out one of the largest hellhound clans in the wasteland. While he knows that nopony in Looypool 9 was responsible for the attack, he warned that many other hellhounds are seeking out anypony they could find for revenge. He said that the truce can't survive under these stresses and that he couldn't guarantee our safety for more than a week. So now the number of ponies heading for the NCR has gone form the majority of the town to nearly the entirety of the town! I just need to figure out how to get them all past the Steel Rangers within a week.

And yeah, the Enclave have been spotted poking about here and there. I hope that Moth is ok.

I can't focus on those problems though. What happened to Celly has taken over all of my mind. The whole thing keeps playing over and over in my head, and none of it makes sense. Was the explosion directly connected to Celly? How can an explosion that killed a hellhound clan cause an indestructible alicorn filly to disappear?

My best bet to figuring this out is to find what's in that memory orb. Celly did promise to tell me what was on it someday, but it doesn't look llike that will happen any more. Since I can't read the orb, there's only one unicorn that I trust enough to see Celly's greatest secret. If that doesn't reveal anything useful, then I'll open that letter addressed to Celly. I'm not reading it first out of respect to her privacy, and in fear of her diminutive wrath if she does come back and learns that I've been reading her personal correspondences.

One griffin remained behind after the rest of Gawd's crew left with the weapons, that dash tweaked courier, most likely too stung out from the party to fly back with them. She's agreed to fly me to Tenpony tower and assured me that, even carrying me, the trip would be much faster than walking. The trip will give me time to work out a plan for the town's folk, and give them time to pack. I just hope that Life Bloom will be in.
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And for fear of her diminutive wrath xD