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Fallout Equestria: Wings 60



This part takes place during FoE Chapter 38.
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Day 50

Celly is gone.

She didn't teleport like the last time, or even run away. She's just gone. I don't even understand what happened.

We were walking back to Looypool 9 around mid-afternoon, when she suddenly just froze with a terrified look on her face. I first thought she was having another panic attack, but then she started screaming things like “CHILDREN! FLEE!!!” and “FLY, MY CHILDREN!! SAVE YOURSELVES!!” over and over. She just kept screaming and wouldn't respond to anything I said or did. The whole time she stayed completely rigid with that look of horror on her face. Not knowing what else to do, I put her on my back and ran as fast as I could towards Looypool 9.

I ran too fast.

The rain and the wear of the past week of walking caught up after a half hour, and Buckshot broke apart mid gallop. I crashed into the ground hard and Celly flew off my back. As I went to pick her up there was a blinding explosion of green flames far off to the east.

*image* tears stain the page

I tried to shield her from the light, but her little body was completely limp.

Then she faded away in my hooves.

Within seconds there was nothing left her except for her little saddlebags.

I'm waiting in this spot until morning, just in case she some how comes back. I don't even know if she's alive or not. None of this makes any sense! Who were the children she mentioned? The ponies in Looypool 9? What was that explosion? How did she just fade away like that?

The contents of her saddlebags didn't answer anything. Only things in them were that #4 memory orb, a letter addressed to her, and what looks like a child's drawing.

The question that I need to figure out first is what I'm going to tell the ponies in town when they ask where their child goddess is.
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Well, now I'm confused. The only idea I had about Celly is that she might be a reincarnated Celestia, like the sisters are more akin to a force of nature than ponies and can re-coalasce over time.
But this threw me off- was she actually somehow connected to the Goddess? Only time will tell...