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Fallout Equestria: Wings 6



The only good parasprite.
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Day 5?

Well in a day or so I’ll reach... wherever it is I'm heading. On the auto map it looks like a stone outcropping half way up (or down from my perspective) a mountain. I'm still not sure why I'm heading there, and Dantom isn't making the trip any easier.
After this I need to get to Appleloosa and at least stock up on some food. I don't have enough bits left to hire another bodyguard, but at least with this auto map I don't need a guide any more.
Without a bodyguard the Everfree Forest is off limits, so perhaps I’ll try and track down my ancestor's old farm like I promised my gran

*Image* A flattened parasprite.

Well that's one winged specimen in this book (literally) already!

This thing just fluttered down on to the page while I was checking the auto map and was eating half of my grandma when I looked back. I mean it was literally eating the words “my grandma” off the page!

I slammed the book shut and instead of squishing it just *poped*, like it was all hair and air.

No idea what this is, but since it eats text and is full of air, I'm calling it a Word Bubble for now. I'm sure the lab ponies back home can come up with a name that's less comic.

It was this ugly before I killed it!

At least this thing didn't decide to eat Dantom instead...
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And now I have visions of it secretly reproducing and devouring all of the poor guy's clothes and equipment in the middle of the night. XD

I'll admit, I'm thoroughly sucked in by the story. Good job!