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Fallout Equestria: Wings 59



"I have an alicorn on my head, your argument is invalid."
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 38.
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Day 49

Well the facility was infested, not with radroaches or manticores, but a much fouler kind of vermin. Steel Rangers.

This makes the situation much worse! The Steel Rangers have been after the tech and resources of the NCR for almost as long as there's been an NCR. The NCR was just barely able to drive back their last incursion attempt. Yet the damage and loss of life that one chapter, just 25 Steel Rangers,caused is still being felt a decade later. Many of the ponies I grew up with at Outpost 52 were among the hundreds that died fending them off. If they manage to get through the tunnels below the Applelations, they could strike the NCR by surprise from their backdoor!

The worst part about the Steel Rangers isn't that they would gladly kill a village full of civilians to get at a shiny piece of pre-war tech (and have). It's the fact that under all that metal, the majority of them are earth ponies! They don't even have the excuse that the wasteland drove them to evil acts, since the tech they hoard gives them the have the highest standard of living in all of Equestria! How is it that the best pony that I know is a pegasus, and the worst ones anywhere are earth ponies?

This isn't the way the world is supposed to work!

It looks like they had to blast open the front door to get inside, and fortunately they’re stuck trying to access the tunnels since it's too unstable to blast. Celly found this out by just walking right up to the guards, putting on her little Filly routine, and asking to be let in (while I hid at a distance). She later told me that by the time she got to "Aww, I wanna pwick some awpples for ma grammy on de udder swide." they were just about ready to give her the whole facility.

We're now on our way back to Looypool 9 to come up with a way to deal with the situation. While Celly could have easily crushed every tin-suited one of them with her telekinesis, another act of mass murder would make it impossible for her to ever face the residents of the town. As it is, she was still too nervous to even walk in the direction of the town that I had to cary her on my head until she relaxed.

*image* Celly on Citquine's head
"This is demeaning."
"Want to get down then?"
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I could do with a "hood ornament" like that!