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Fallout Equestria: Wings 58



This better not lead to a "clear out the giant rats from the basement" mission...
Criticism is STRONGLY encouraged!
This part takes place during FoE Chapter 38.
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Day 48

Gawd's griffins arrived right on time early this morning and brought with them a sky wagon to carry off all the weapons in. It took a bit of doing, but I convinced them to leave their own weapons outside of town. After explaining the situation with the truce, they agreed to use the cover story of helping the ponies move out of Looypool 9 if any more hellhounds came snooping about. The irony of having to disarm in order to collect an armory didn't escape some of them. They confirmed that Celly left with them, which was a relief, and that she flew on ahead as they reached the town.

I left town and caught up with her by late afternoon. I knew I was getting close when Boris suddenly flew up into the sky and was soon joined by Oro. I was so busy watching them chase each other around that I nearly tripped over Celly. She was curled up in a little ball and was too scared to move. It sort of reminded me of when I first met Moth (I wonder how he's doing). It took over an hour of talking with her before she calmed down enough to start walking. I had to convince her that nopony feared her or thought she was a monster for what she did to the Bloodhoof settlement, and in fact many saw it as a blessing. Yet that just set off another panic attack where she couldn't handle being seen as a goddess. I told her that she should just be herself, not the filly act, and let them know the real her. If the real Celly isn't “goddessy” enough (or whatever they expect), then it's their fault for making assumptions and not hers.

What helped the most was just getting her mind off the subject for now and focused on getting to the Applelation facility. I told her about my realization that she could have just flown me across the mountains (she facehoofed for not thinking about it either), and told her of the plan to take the Looypool ponies back with me to the NCR. Oddly enough, her reaction was just to smile, and she said that she figured I would do something like that. I asked her what she meant, but she just said that if she gave me the explanation now I may run off right away. I got the feeling it was some sort of inside joke judging by how she was grinning. I must be one of few ponies who's ever had to deal with an impish alicorn, but it's good to have her around again.

Now the main objective is to make sure the Applelation facility is still functional enough for us to get through. I was told that it was made with a lot of the same kind of tech as the stables, though without the Blinkium shielding, so it still should be mostly intact. Yet after 200 years, the various wasteland wildlife may have found was inside and set up housekeeping. Or some sections might need to be cleared of rubble to get through. Either way, it should be no trouble for Celly's telekinesis, and it would keep her from freaking out over Looypool 9 for a while.

*image* Oro and Celly
Oro even tried to cheer up Celly
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I'm really loving the story so far, and when I accidentally pressed a wrong button and thought it had yet to updated I was like, "NOOOOOOO-Oh no, wait, pressed a wrong button. YESSSSSS."