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Fallout Equestria: Wings 57



Gilly: I think they captured her though. You know. Captured her essence.
Silver Bell: Looks sorta adorable, don't she?
Gilly: That's kinda what I meant.
Silver Bell: Everywhere I go, her eyes keep following me.
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 37.
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Today was odd. There was nothing trying to kill me, nopony to help, I didn't have a mission to complete, and until the griffins show up I don't have anywhere else I needed to be.

The town was having a big celebration, part for the finding of the weapons, and part for the imminent return of Celly. I told them that it would still be a few days before she got here, we had to check the Applelation facility first, but they just said that there would be an even bigger party then. I wonder if I have any relatives from Pinkie's side of the family in the crowd (if she even had descendants that is).

I didn't take part in any festivities, since it's not really my thing. I politely declined all the mares who asked me for a dance (seemed like half the female population of the town), and even had to refuse the few stallions who asked (it just didn't feel right without him here). So I mostly just killed time wandering around town and taking in the sights, now that I didn't have to rush.

*image* Citquine and Celly's fountain

Well, the are only two sights in Looypool 9 actually. The first is the upside down settlement above us, which I had quite enough of yesterday, and the second is the fountain at the base of the crater with a huge statue of Celly atop it. It's one thing for ponies to say they worship Celly, but it's a new level of weird seeing her nearly twenty times larger than life and carved out of stone. It's been just under a month since I met Celly, and in that time she's sort of become like a tiny older sister (though I can only guess since I was an only foal). So seeing her “immortalized” (though she could probably out last the stone) like an actual goddess just strikes me as surreal. The ponies here, aside from Orca, really don't know who Celly is.

The griffins should arrive some time early tomorrow, and I'll be meeting up with Celly part way to the Applelation facility. It's a day and a half walk to the facility, so the ponies here should get to know the real Celly once we return. I'm almost tempted to tease her about the fountain just to get back at her for that “in orange” remark, but considering how nervous she sounded in her letter, I think she'll need all the support I can give.

I just realized that I should have spent the day fixing up Buckshot, now I won't have time to do it until we get back!
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What going mad feels like?

Dude, define madness in a wasteland, then tell me what sanity is.