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Fallout Equestria: Wings 56



Silent but deadly...
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 37.
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Day 46

We found the weapons cache! Well, technically Boris and some foals found it, I just wound up tired and sore.

Clambering around inside inverted buildings and zip-lining across streets far above the ground is not my ideal way to spend the day. At one point I had to take off Buckshot since it kept getting caught on things, making me even more awkward. It's one thing to see the colts and fillies of this town navigating the ruins of the Bloodhoof settlement like it's second nature to them, that just made me feel old, but seeing my sire getting around far easier than me just made me feel useless again.

In the end it was Boris leading a group of foals that found the weapons cache after a clever colt asked him to search out the spot with the most radiation.

Along with the tell-tale balefire eggs (the ammunition type), the cache had a wider assortment of weapons that I had ever seen before. Two which showed the range of armament present were a crossbow and a large mechanical knife. The crossbow was excellently designed to silently fire a bolt at the maximum range and power. The mechanical knife on the other hoof was a simple and crude design that noisily spun sharp metal teeth rapidly across the blade to cause the most bodily trauma possible in close combat.

*image* Ripper and crossbow

There was a close call that we only found out about later. While the whole town was turning the place right side up looking for the cache, a hellhound showed up to see what the commotion was. Luckily the first pony he asked was one of Celly's followers. She went into a impromptu sermon about how the Child Goddess was retuning, how they must prepare for the pilgrimage, and how the town must be purified before departure. The explanation was so verbose and extensive that the hellhound dismissed it all as "stupid pony beliefs" and left with out any further investigation.

I just fired the signal flare, good thing it stopped raining finally, so Celly and the griffins should be arriving in a couple days. It'll be nice to finally see her again, as long as she doesn't chicken out and refuse to come to Looypool 9. If that does happen I'll have to leave Boris here, then march back to Shattered Hoof, wrap her in parchment, and have Oro flame her to his brother!
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Question, how do you make these? Like, the image of a journa with writing on it.