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Never thought I would find a use for this thing!
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 36.
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Day 45

Spent most of the day playing negotiator, though it wound up being rather one sided. Between being seen as the "herald of the Child Goddess" by Celly's followers, and "Silver's son" by the rest of the town, nearly everypony agreed with my suggestions.

Looypool 9 rests on the edge of hellhound territory, and the hellhounds had formed a truce with the town on certain conditions. The first condition was that the town's citizens were required to lend a hoof in the gem-stone mines. Anypony who didn't want to work could just leave town, which is what the hellhounds would prefer anyways. The second condition was that no weapons of any kind were allowed in the town, to prevent the ponies from breaking the truce and just killing the hellhounds. The only amendment being that my sire was allowed to chase away any trespassers with his rifle. Lucky for me, nopony caught on that Buckshot is also a weapon, or else I would have to limp everywhere. So when I told then that somewhere hidden in the town was a large cache of zebra weapons, everypony was only too happy to get rid of it as soon as possible.

*image* “Silver” with his sniping rig
Only weapon in town is this overengineered contraption.

The other side of the negotiations was not related to Gawd's assignment, but more of a plea from Celly's flock. Many of them had gotten it into their heads that Celly would some day return and deliver them from the dangers of the wasteland. In fact, the entire population of Looypool 9 was keen on the idea of getting out there, but didn't share the view that Celly would lead them to a paradise. Also, the Hellhounds would be glad to be rid of them. While I couldn't speak for Celly, I had a solution of my own that I doubt she would disapprove of.

I previously thought the pass-codes for the Applelation were pointless since Celly could just fly me across the mountains, yet she couldn't safely do the same for a town that included foals and elderly. So, I suggested that anypony who wanted to could come with me back to the NCR through the Applelation facility tunnels. The NCR was always eager to get more taxpayers, and with their mining experience they could fit right in at Hollow King (Grandma had said that fewer ponies have been choosing to stay in the town). It's hardly paradise, but it's a far sight safer than any place they would ever find the the wasteland.

All that remains is tracking down where in the town the weapons cache is, and hopefully before the hellhounds find out about it and break the truce.
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Quite the 'stache Cit's dad has. One has to wonder if Cit is capable of growing something of equally epic proportions!
(also, I bet Celly would have a field day teasing him with that sentence)