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Fallout Equestria: Wings 54



It's dragon magic, I don't have to explain horseapples.
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 36.
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I finally reached Looypool 9, and I found out what Gawd meant about the town being "messed up". Turns out that it's the Bloodhoof settlement that Celly dropped from the sky, then later populated by the survivors of Celly's town and other ponies she met over the years. Celly took this news better than I expected.

*image* Looypool 9

I asked how the settlement impossibly survived the fall and stayed intact all these years. The prevailing theory is that the settlement was founded over an ancient dragon burial site. The arcane spells that protect the remains are so strong that not even Celly or gravity could disturb the area around them. I know enough from GrimDark to know that thinking about dragon magic too much just makes my head hurt. The answer the Celly worshippers gave was just "the Child Goddess did it" and left it at that...

The biggest surprise for me though was finding out that the "NCR ranger" that guarded the town was actually my sire, and that the name "Silver" was just due to the color of his coat. He was even using the same awkward sniping rig that he came up with back in O.W.L R&D.

The last argument he had with my dam was about an offer he got to join a field research team. He wanted out of his desk job and to more directly help the NCR, even if it meant being away several weeks and some danger involved. My dam mostly just objected that it was a cut in pay. He stormed out of the house, signed on to the post, and left the next morning.

The research assignment was to the Wasteland, yet unlike my "assignment", he went with two unicorn technicians and an experienced NCR ranger as a guide. Unfortunately, several days in their team was ambushed by raiders and only he survived. He took the ranger's armor and rifle for protection and started back towards the NCR, but along the way he came across a group of unarmed missionaries that were under attack. He saved them from the raiders and escorted them to Looypool 9. When he arrived, he saw that he could be more help there than he could ever be back home at a desk.

While I haven't forgiven him for abandon me, I do see that staying here to help others is a very earth pony thing to do. Also, I don't blame him for preferring to stay in an irradiated wasteland of death over going back to my dam. The NCR must have reported to her that he was either dead or at least MIA, yet she never told about it, or even about the mission. I don't know if she was trying to protect me from the grief, or more likely just wanted me to see him as a deadbeat out of spite.
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dude, you've totally blown this one with the hand cannon...nice werk