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Fallout Equestria: Wings 52



End of act 2! Act 3 starts after a short break!
Criticism is STRONGLY encouraged!
This part takes place during FoE Chapter 36.
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*image* two part letter to Celly from Citquine lay on the floor with a weak magic field around it while small alicorn has a panic attack off screen

I have some bad news and some very good news for you Celly, and you'll want to be sitting down for this...

The bad news is that "Looypool 9" is the old Bloodhoof settlement. The hill I saw from the distance is actually the town and the ground still connected to it flipped upside down at a jaunty angle inside it's own crater. The name Looyppol 9 comes from the what the crude "bloodhoof" sign the raiders put up looks like upside down. I know this news is bringing back a lot of bad memories for you, but the good news is so much better and wonderful!

*image* bloodhoof sign flipped to looypool 9

It seems that the slaver side of the Bloodhooves didn't cotton to the idea of killing off so much potential merchandise. They rounded up many of the mares and foals of your town, and carted them back towards their settlement. You got there before them though. When they arrived to find their home ripped from the ground and all their cohorts dead, the slavers began to panic. In the confusion, your townsfolk managed to overpower the slavers and free themselves! That's the kind of determination that any earth pony would be proud of! And half of them were unicorns!

The more religious of the townsfolk saw what you did to the Bloodhoof settlement as a divine miracle, while the rest just saw it as a more secure place to live. The crater you left was so deep that the soil at the bottom was much better for growing than the irradiated surface stuff. The inverted buildings keep the residents out of reach of raiders and most of the wasteland nasties. Although It's rather disorienting walking on the ceiling.

Many of the original townsfolk have grown old and passed on since then, but their descendants are thriving here. There's one old mare called Orca Butterfly that was just a little filly back then that still remembers you. Also, some of the ponies you left behind on previous adventures went looking for you. They heard rumors of the "Child Goddess" (what the religious ones call you), and found their way here. Needless to say, there are a lot of ponies here that can't wait to see you!

I don't think there will be much of a problem getting the zebra weapons cache for Gawd. The situation here is a little complicated, but I have an idea how to work it all out. I'll use a signal flare when it's all settled.

PS. As for that "NCR ranger", he was nothing of the sort! As soon as I got close enough I bucked him in the face. He's just lucky that I didn't use my Buckshot, him being my father and all.
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"Him being my father and all."
And on that bombshell, it's time to end the Act.
I need to watch less Top Gear.