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Fallout Equestria: Wings 51



Special thanks to :icondemon-keychain: for naming Brass Tacks. :D
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 35.
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*image* two page letter to Citquine
You feeling alright Quiny? You're not sounding like your normal self. You didn't talk to those mannequins did you? Well, since you're alive, I guess not.

As far as I know, Gawdyna isn't keeping tabs on you. Though, she's been asking me a lot about what I know of your NCR. I think the name of it has been giving her ideas, so expect to be questioned about it when you return.

For the most part the orbs have been mundane day to day stuff. I haven't come across anything other than the same vague rumors that you found in Stable City about Twilight working on something with alicorns. There was one odd memory involving your great x10 aunt Pinkie Pie though. She said to the pony who's memory I was watching “Don't worry, Celly. You're going home soon." It may be a coincidence, or just her being higher than the enclave at the time, but it was weird!

You really did help me in Canterlot, I couldn't have stayed there that long without you. Everywhere I went in that pink cloud reminded me of Star Mane and Brass Tacks. They were good friends, and no one should ever die the way they did. If you weren't there with me, I would have ran away the first day and just lied about finding nothing, or even ran all the way back to that cave for another decade. You gave me the strength to keep looking, and I found half my answer, so my friends didn't die in vain. They would have liked you I think, and I think you would have loved Brass Tacks.

You need to stop thinking that your special talent is being useless, it's not! Gilly's half right about you, you are clueless, but I disagree with the other half. I'd say more but I think he would kill me for stealing his thunder (well, try to anyways).

I will say that talents and cutie marks don't matter. Look at me, I'm probably the world's oldest blank flank, but do you see me thinking that I'm nothing? Ok, I did think that, but not because of my flank. Yet you helped me out of that and reassured me that I’m a pony.

I'm sorry for not telling you what I found out from Star Sparkle about who I am. It's just so complicated. I want to know the whole answer first, then I can sort it all out and tell you everything. I'm also, depending on what I find out, afraid of what you might think of me when I tell you.

Good luck with Looypool 9, I'd never forgive you if you got yourself killed before I could explain everything. Yet, knowing you that's unlikely, and I bet whoever lives in that town will soon be thankful that you arrived.

Ps. I don't want to freak you out or anything, but seriously, stay FAR away from those mannequins! Never look them in the eye either.
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Are these pictures of something actualy written by hand, or is this something digital? I've been wondering for a while.