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Fallout Equestria: Wings 50



Today the part of “a vault full of memory orbs” will be played by The Hall of Prophecy.
Criticism is STRONGLY encouraged!
This part takes place during FoE Chapter 35.
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*Image* A letter from Citquine held up by Celly's magic.
Hi Celly.

Everything is ok on my side, making steady progress to Looypool 9. Been a mostly uneventful trip. It's been raining, I met a bear, helped a caravan, and saw a mannequin parade. Also, I've been getting the strange feeling I'm being watched now and then. Do you know if Gawd is keeping tabs on me?

I'm just writing to check how things are going with you. Have you found anything to help your search in those orbs? Don't push yourself too hard though, you may be invulnerable, but you're still a pony.

I'm sorry for not being any help to you back in Dead Canterlot. I hope I can be a more useful friend in the future (special talent permitting). Also, I wanted to tell you that if you ever felt like you needed to talk to any one about anything, past or present, I'm here for you. It may seem pointless given my talent, but it's worth a try.

I should be reaching Looypool 9 by late afternoon tomorrow. There's a large hill in the distance, and according to the auto map the town should be around there. If I can avoid getting shot I'll send off another letter saying how the negotiations go.
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...is that background pic the prophecies room from Harry Potter? =p