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Fallout Equestria: Wings 5



The wasteland is not for the timid, to survive you need to get boulder...

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Day ??

Oh my head!
Note to self... When 200 year old mints go bad, they REALLY go bad! Eating half a dozen at once was most likely not a good idea either...

I have no idea what day it is, but according to the AutoMap I'm a 3 day hike up hill from where the raiders jumped us. The weird part is that none of the food has been eaten and I don't fell like any time has passed.

Also the boulder that I hid behind during the attack is up here with me, I can tell it's the same one since there's the blood stain on it with a book shaped gap. For some reason there is a dead raider under it too...

All I can recall after downing those mints is that the boulder is named Dan, or maybe Tom (it's all wibbily wobbly in my mind), and it's vitally important that I bring it with me and to not be late. Late for what? I have no clue.

It looks like I wrote in my field guide during the missing time, but I can't make heads or tails of it. Is that a map? And what's with the words?

Well I can't brain any more today (I has the dumb), so I'll be rolling Dan/Tom along now, at least it's all down hill.
I'm just glad that my mother can't see me doing this, she would have a fit.

*Image*Dan/Tom on a flat raider

Wait... I don't even have any colored pencils!
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He doesn't have colored pencils? Creepy...then how did he do that?
Maybe he found plants to make coloring.