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Happy Hearth's Warming day everyone!
Criticism is STRONGLY encouraged!
This part takes place during FoE Chapter 34.
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Day 41

Well, I said before that I figured I would probably meet a grizzly end, but I didn't mean it quite this way...

While walking I was lost in thought and walked straight into the back end of a ghoul bear. Fortunately for me this was a domesticated bear that was traveling with a merchant named ClusterBuck. She called the bear Harry and said that one day it just wandered out of the Everfree forest and started following her like a lost puppy.

*image* ClusterBuck and Harry the bear
“Now play dead”

The reason why I was lost in thought was the realization that I am not a clever pony, in fact I am a stupid and pointless pony (but that second art I already knew). I started off thinking about that jet that Howard Hooves was said to have made, and how I might find them if they existed. Then I considered that they may not be in operational condition, but I figured Celly could help telekineticly carry them back to the NCR for study. That's when I realized that Celly could have just picked ME up and flew over the Applelations, back to the NCR!

Celly was dealing with an existential personal crisis at the time, so I can hardly blame her for not thinking of this herself, but it was my problem and I should have realized this sooner ! That whole three days of risking my life in Dead Canterlot, dealing with pink cloud, bleeding eyes, and shouty ghoul guards, to get these codes was a total waste of time.

But then this just reinforces my special talent for pointlessness, and shows the lengths that I will go to be useless. At least Celly got part of her answers in Dead Canterlot, so the trip for her was worth while. At this rate my journey to LooyPool 9 will be just as fruitless, but Celly will probably find the other half of her answer in those orbs. So I'll have to continue on with this deal we made with Gawd for her sake at least.

This is the problem I'm finding with this long walk I'm on. I'm basically alone, Boris is scouting around up ahead most of the time, and it's so quiet since I don't even have Firefly for a radio any more. All I can do is think about stuff, past mistakes, pointless decisions, and my bleak future. Yet most of all, I keep thinking about someone in particular...

Why can't I stop thinking about him!?

Great, looks like it's going to be raining soon too...
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