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Fallout Equestria: Wings 46



Limited myself to only one Gawd joke this time!
Criticism is STRONGLY encouraged!
This part takes place during FoE Chapter 34.
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Day 40

Celly teleported us to Shattered Hoof early this morning, a little too early, since we beat the courier there by several hours and no one knew we were coming. Fortunately, the dozen heavily armed mercenary griffins were stunned long enough by the sudden appearance of a filly, a stallion, and two balefire phoenixes for me to explain Gawdyna called for us.

We met with Gawdyna, who is called Gawd for short ( I must have looked like an idiot for not getting Gilgamesh's joke), and she first asked for us to prove we were who Gilgamesh said we were. Celly easily proved her identity by briefly lifting her saddlebags to show her wings, but all I had was this NCR field book as identification, which apparently was enough.

I learned that Gawd had acquired a large collection of memory orbs and was in the process of having unicorns transcribe their contents. Gilgamesh's proposition was that Celly could transcribe the orbs more efficiently than any unicorn, since she didn't need to eat or sleep, and she could look for information on herself as she went. Since Gawd is already having all the orb transcriptions doubled checked, she's not worried about the possibility of Celly holding back any details. Yet the value of the information that Celly would have access to was far greater than the service for Gawd she would be providing, and that's where I came into the plan.

One of the orbs had already given them a lead on a sizable zebra weapon cache located in what is now a town called Looypool 9. The problem is that the town, which Gawd described as "messed up", is guarded by the lone NCR ranger that I heard about from Life Bloom. The ranger, whom rumor has it is named Silver, had set up a sniping post and was shooting at anyone that came within his extensive range. Gawd had already had three griffins injured by warning shots and was not yet ready to risk more by declaring war on the town. Since I'm also from the NCR, Gawd figured I would have the best chance of getting past the sniper and negotiating access to the weapons cache. Though I’m not too sure how I'll pull off identifying myself before getting shot. Wave around this field journal?

The town is about a 4 day walk from here, which should give Celly lots of time to go through the orbs. I'm taking Boris with me and leaving Oro with Celly so we can stay in contact. I'm also taking enough supplies to last the trip, provided by Gawd, and finished fixing up my Buckshot. Looypool 9 is even along the way to the Applelation mountain facility, so once the situation there is sorted out I could start heading home !

There are two problems I see with this plan. First is that Looypool 9 is right on the border of Hellhound territory. Second, and more important, I'm not sure what O.W.L's policy is towards freelance mercenary work...
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And next chapter, Citquine (Citrine? Cinqueneria?) discovers that his cutie mark is actually a giant bullseye.
Silver: I can't! It's like a big glowing sign that says "Shoot me!"

Also, isn't it bad for your health to watch more than three hours of television/memory orb at a time? Hope she's got a good couch. And nachos with dip.

Wait a minute...."Silver"? A "lone ranger?"....Evil, evil man, you!