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Fallout Equestria: Wings 45



Yes Gilly, Citquine's kinda clueless that way...
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 32.
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Day 39

I Spent most of the day talking with Gilgamesh while waiting for a reply from his boss.

*image* Gilly's lightning rifle

I found that he shares my appreciation for energy based weapons, though his lightning rifle puts my little plasma pistol to shame. He said that he prefers it for both the fire power it has, at the expense of less shots per charge, and for the psychological impact that throwing lightning at your opponents has. He said that even if you miss, it puts the fear of god in them. I think that is the first time I ever heard reference to a male goddess.

I told him the story about how I got my cutie mark after I noticed that he kept looking at it. When I got to the part about finding what my mark really meant he just facehoofed (face-taloned?) and smirked. He thinks that ponies put too much stock in cutie marks and special talents. He said that they should take a lesson from griffins and just focus on whatever it is they like to do. He gave the example that Silver Bell's cutie mark is a silver bell, yet she's much happier painting and drawing than making music.

*image* Gilly's gloved tallon
Apparently these are called gloves

*image* Gilly smirking.
I tried to argue that cutie marks are not always literal and there can be other interpretations of them, but I had trouble forming my thoughts since I was also still trying to figure out how his beak can smirk.

Speaking of Silver Bell, she's been playing with Celly all day. She keeps treating Celly like her baby sister, despite Celly's instance that she's over a century older than her. Eventually her cuteness was too infectious and Celly switched into her filly act to play along. Ever since her talk with Star Sparkle, Celly has been much happier and more relaxed. I think this must have been what she was like all those years ago when starting that town with her friends...

It wasn't until this evening that the courier finally returned with word from Gawdyna Grimfeathers. She said that she tentatively agrees with Gilgamesh's suggestion ( I still don't know what it is), but she wants to meet with Celly and I before deciding further. Since it was already late, we told the courier to report back that we would be leaving first thing in the morning. Celly has been to Shattered Hoof before, so it would be simple enough to teleport there after a good night's rest.

Does Gilgamesh ever sleep?
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