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Fallout Equestria: Wings 43



And there will be a nice surprise when he wakes up :)
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 31.

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Day 37

As surprising as it seems, this trip turned out to be a success!

Celly managed to return most of Buckshot to me by triggering the bucking action and blowing the hoof off. I still can't walk on it since everything below the cannon is scrap, but it can be replaced. Next time I'll make all the parts modular, that way I can just swap out broken bits.

But the big development is that Celly found Stable City and teleported me there. We found there the perfect pony to ask about Twilight Sparkle, Twilight's own mother! She didn't recognize Celly at first, but when Celly took off her little saddle bags to show her wings she gasped in disbelief. At that point I left them to talk in private and went to find a lead on the Appleation codes. If Celly wants to tell me later what she discovers, she can in her own time. I know how important this is to her.

Talking to the other residents of Stable City I found that Celly may be on the right track. There's a large number of them who suspected the current alicorn infestation to be the result of a project Twilight and the MoAS was working on. They didn't have anything to go by other than 200 year old insider rumors, but that didn't stop them from ostracizing Star Sparkle (bunch of jerks). I can't see how they can be connected since Twilight died 190 years before these new alicorns started appearing. Were they in eggs?

I met one very arrogant ghoul named Jetset Jr. that had an interesting story. At first, I thought he was named after the black mineral, but it turns out that his grandfather, Howard Hooves, developed some odd fixed wing aircraft that he called jets. Jetset Jr. kept going on about how if only Celestia funded his grandfather's work they could have won the war. Other ghouls I talked to said that no one even saw a prototype of Hooves' jets and most figured he was just a rich eccentric.

After asking around a bit more, I didn't just get a lead on the Appleation codes but the codes themselves ! A ghoul here was stationed there up until a day before the mega spells fell and still had his access card. Stable City is free of the pink cloud so the card should still work. He let me have it as long as I promised to give his friends who were still stationed there when the mega spells hit a proper burial.

When I went back to tell Celly the good news I found her and Star crying, but it appeared to be out of happiness. This was the first time I ever saw Celly happy, not that happy filly act she use to do, but actually happy. She told me that she understands better what she is, but still not the how.

They're still talking, but I'm going to find a place to sleep. I was up all night for fear of waking up merged with the floor...

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great!the story is still moving wonderfully!