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Fallout Equestria: Wings 42



He seems to be stuck, mind giving him a hoof...
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 31.

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Day 36

Well, I've gone from pointless to utterly useless.

We ran into Lionheart again today, and he was surprised that we were not only still around but still alive. He told us about a community of ghouls living in a place called Stable City on the ministry walk, and if we make it that far he'll tell them it's ok to let us in.

While we were talking, I didn't notice that my Buckshot was standing in a shallow puddle of pink water (no feeling obviously). By the time we went to walk away, I found that the hoof was thoroughly fused into the road. I had to take it off and leave it behind. Walking on 3 legs is doable, but awkward and slow, and I was just holding Celly back even more.

So now I'm stuck in a small, low pink, utility room, and the only entrance was completely covered with rubble by Celly. This way I'm out of harm's way and the only way in or out is by teleporting, the space is too narrow for those big alicorns. If Celly finds anything interesting to either of our searches she'll wink back in here, but for now I just have to make sure I don't stand in one place too long or else I'll get stuck. I suggested to Celly that she should just send me back to New Appleoosa and get me from there, but she insisted that I be close at hoof.

Of all the deadly things in this place, I did not expect I would be dying of boredom. I even tried to take apart a vacuum in here for parts, but the whole thing is fused. I must be getting too used to the Wasteland if any time I'm not actively moving towards my next goal I get listless. It use to be that I would accept the day to day repetition of my NCR life as just another burden that I could make bits off of. That's what I thought my talent was after all. Now I know that it was all meaningless, but at least the tech side of my work was engaging.

And now I'm rambling in my field journal.

IF this gets back to the NCR, that last paragraph was under the influence of Pink Cloud. There's probably enough soaked into the pages to get a sample of it, considering how they keep trying to stick together.

Celly just stop by to check up on me and apologize again for asking me to stay. She hasn't found anything yet, but she did bring me a book of crossword puzzles.

*image* an old "Crosswords for ponies" book
Figures, all the pages are fused...
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