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Fallout Equestria: Wings 41



Citquine is preemptively beating himself up before Canterlot can get a chance.
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 31.
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Day 35

Well you know what they say about the best laid plans... they suck!

First off, the air bubble didn't keep out the pink cloud, that stuff is too persistent, it just took longer to get to us. We had too keep finding places with less pink to swap out the bubble while I chugged a healing potion.

Also the first broadcaster we came across proved that my transponder was useless, the signal was too persistent, and I had to resort to shooting at it wildly as I bleed from every hole in my head. Now when we get in range of one Celly just crushes it with her telekinesis while I try not to pass out.

And the last part of my great plan kept in line with the rest. Even with the increased liquefaction percentage of the plasma pistol, it still was less than one in ten and the ghouls were too persistent to stay down (notice a pattern here?). Once again Celly came to the rescue and would just pop their heads off telekineticly like they were radroaches.

One new surprise we discovered is that Celly is not the only alicorn here, a small army of the big mean ones that Pon-three talks about are here too. The weird thing is that they are more scared of Celly than we were of them, before we could talk to any of them they would freak out and run. Most we ever got from one was it yelling "Aberration!" before vanishing.

The other surprise was waiting for us at the train station where Celly teleported us to. An old royal guard ghoul named Lionheart very loudly proclaimed that we must leave the place or else. He relented a little when Celly turned on the cute and explained our situation (more or less), though he continued to speak unnaturally loud. He told us that he was there not only to stop raiders or looters, but also prevent fools like us form trowing their lives away. He finally acquiesced when Celly explained that she could teleport us away anytime it gets too dangerous.

It's been a slow and painful day getting to this abandoned, mostly pink free, house where we're spending the night. We haven't even found any info on Twilight or the Appleation codes, and I'm beginning to feel like a fifth leg here (which in my case is two more than necessary). Without me to look after, Celly could just stroll through this place at her leisure. The pink cloud doesn't even affect her, she could head straight to the ministry walk on the other side of the city to get her answers. At least I'm being true to my special talent by being wholly pointless.

*image* drops of blood on the page
Looks like my nose if bleeding again.
Nope, it's my eyes.

*Image* Lionheart
Bat wings. That's one mystery solved.
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actually pretty damned cool!