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Fallout Equestria: Wings 40



We now return to our regularly scheduled un-depred story...
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This part takes place during FoE Chapter 30.
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*image* muffins are scattered around the notebook
Day 34

I don't know who Homage or Xenith are, but they sure make good muffins!

We spent the day back in New Appleoosa to prepare for our expedition into Dead Canterlot and to talk with Ditzy.

From the information I gathered so far there are 3 main danger in Dead Canterlot: Pink Cloud, Canterlot Ghouls, and Broadcasters. Some of this comes from Celly's own first hand experience, apparently she and some friends tried to explore the place when she was first trying to figure out who she was. They were completely unprepared for dangers of the place and two of Celly's friends died before she could teleport them all out. That event was a major factor for her giving up her search and settling down, so returning there couldn't have been an easy decision for her to make.

This time though we are prepared and I have a plan to combat the dangers. To avoid the Pink Cloud we're going to use the same air bubble trick as when we got Boris and Oro (who are staying safely with Ditzy, much to Silver Bell's delight). For the ghouls I have my plasma pistol, which has a higher than average liquefaction rate, and Celly's telekinesis should keep them out of reach. Lastly, for the Broadcasters I cobbled together a simple transponder that will remotely override their signal, much like what I installed into Firefly.

Aside for stocking up on healing potions, energy cells, and an Auto map, the reason that I wanted to stop by and talk to Ditzy was to clear any misunderstanding or distrust between her and Celly. Turns out that she knew of Celly by her reputation of leading ponies into dangerous situations and then leaving them to die, but after hearing her whole story she began to warm up to her. It also helped that Silver Bell instantly grew attached to Celly, not surprising since she could easily pass as the filly's little sister.

Turns out that Ditzy use to know Twilight Sparkle, but not well enough to help figuring out where Celly came from or who she is. Though when I gave the doll to Silverbell she did tell us a weird story of how Twilight once enchanted a doll just like it and caused a sizable riot.

Regrettably I'll be forced to leave my suit behind with Ditzy while were in Dead Canterlot. She promised to fix it up while we're gone (it is getting rather ratty and stained with who knows what ), but it feels like I'm going into a hostile environment naked...

*Image*Silver Bell hugging Celly
“Mommy, can we keep her!?”
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Hm, Citriquine can afford a treatment by Life Bloom and all this equipment right after being critically wounded with little ammo, caps and healing potions left? I guess Celly went to dig up one of her emergency stashes (which she or one of her former friends would naturally have and failing that she has been around, knows some good salvaging spots and can wink in an out in a blink (That was a pun.)).